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As a higher education institution, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) plays an essential role in shaping communities’ development. The USJ Social Outreach Programme is committed to working closely and developing these relationships with local and international institutions that are in line with good practices, and to collaborate with the wider society to address social needs, which includes environmental, economic, scientific, technological and political advancements, through the promotion of Prison Outreach Programme, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Education, Financial Assistance (poverty and inequality alleviation), Health & Wellbeing, along with Partnerships & Collaborations.




The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Prison Outreach Programme offers incarcerated individuals the opportunity to further their education and improve employment opportunities post-release. The programme aims to educate and inspire incarcerated individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals, prepare them for future social reintegration, and a better transition into communities. The programme brings access to University courses and offers a combination of soft and hard skills that will empower incarcerated individuals with the knowledge and competencies needed for successful reintegration.

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USJ promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the sustainability and social sectors by providing education and practical training, and engaging the academic community and the general public in projects and activities with a positive social impact.

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We believe that everyone deserves quality education equally. The University is actively promoting the development of research in inclusive education, linking research and educational practice, policymaking, decision making and action. Furthermore, USJ is committed to the application of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (Poverty and Inequality Alleviation)


As a Catholic university, USJ is imbued with certain values. The Catholic education values of solidarity, cooperation, and justice.These values act as a compass for the development of policies and procedures targeting both our academic community, such as scholarship, hardship and fellowship schemes for students with low-incomes, and the wider society, through activities promoting the access to basic services by economically underprivileged social groups.

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USJ aims to contribute to the health and well-being of the academic community and the wider society. With that aim, several activities are carried out. We provide free counselling services to all members of USJ, as well as by a low fee to the broader community. We conduct research on mental health issues in Macao, awareness events, and educational programmes opene to the public on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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