School of Education

Education was among the original majors offered when the University of Saint Joseph was established. USJ’s School of Education (SED) has launched both degree and certificate programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. By offering courses in Chinese, English and Portuguese, the SED provides a wide range of opportunities for learners coming from different cultural backgrounds and are aiming for culturally responsive teaching and research. In line with Macao’s implementation of inclusive education, we have opened the Special Needs and Inclusive Education specialization at the master’s level in 2016, which is now a popular degree programme in Macao. The SED has consistently grown to attract more and more students, teachers, researchers, and educational managers, and has now formed a distinguished learning and academic community.

The SED is unique in Macao for its international teaching team. We encourage students to adopt a perspective that encompasses the local, regional and international, and foster an environment for the cultivation of social responsibility, professional skills, and problem-solving competence. The Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education engages in evidence-based research to assist best practices in teaching and learning, school management and operation, and educational policies. The Teachers’ Professional Development Centre provides various training courses, activities and consultancy services for sustainable development in education. Setting high standards for quality education and research, the SED will continue to serve and support schools in Macao at all levels. As Macao further integrates with the Greater Bay Area, the direction of the SED is toward a more active role in the regional education community.”

Last Updated: March 8, 2023 at 12:19 pm