Public Lecture | Nurturing Holistic Learners: The Multifaceted Roles of Teacher



The Public Lecture “Nurturing Holistic Learners: The Multifaceted Roles of Teacher”, organised by the School of Education, will take place on May, 21 at the Don Bosco Auditorium, USJ Ilha Verde Campus.


In the realm of education, teachers transcend their traditional role as mere conveyors of knowledge. They assume multifaceted responsibilities that extend far beyond the classroom. Teachers recognize that learning is not confined to textbooks and lectures. They create dynamic environments that encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and exploration. Effective teachers serve as mentors who guide students through their educational journey. Beyond grades, teachers aim for psychological flourishing. They create a sense of belonging, purpose, and self-worth. Positive teacher-student relationships enhance motivation and engagement.

This public lecture explores how teachers become facilitators of growth, mentors, and advocates for their students’ well-being, ultimately contributing to the development of holistic individuals. In summary, teachers play a transformative role in shaping the future. By embracing their multifaceted roles, they contribute significantly to the growth of well-rounded individuals who thrive academically, personally, and psychologically.


Mr. Chan Pong Lei
Deputy Director, Department of Studies and Curriculum Development
Secondary Mathematics Teacher
Pui Ching Middle School

Mr. Lei holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education and is currently a Master’s student at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Lei has guided secondary students in domestic and international interdisciplinary competitions, in subjects such as scientific innovation, mathematics, programming, economics, artificial intelligence and writing, earning multiple awards for excellence in teaching. Mr. Lei is experienced about the U.K. and U.S. education systems and has assisted students in gaining admission to top universities around the globe. He will be in charge of developing the science curriculum and competitions at the Coloane campus of Pui Ching.


Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Location: Don Bosco Auditorium, USJ Ilha Verde Campus

Organised by: School of Education, USJ
Moderated by: Prof. Isabel TCHIANG

Language: Cantonese

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*Free event, open to the general public