Faculty of Business and Law

3. FBL

As one of the pioneers offering an Entrepreneurship stream in a Bachelor of Business Administration programme, our Faculty of Business and Law focuses on innovation and social responsibility. We have been training young entrepreneurs in starting their own business, or as corporate entrepreneurs promoting new initiatives in large organisations.

Our programmes are designed for whole person development, training leaders not only in their business skills but also in their social and humanistic values. Our vision is that our students join society to apply their leadership capacity in creating social changes, as well as offering solutions to improve people’s lives through innovative ventures and social enterprises.

At the Faculty of Business and Law, we adopt an international style of teaching through various methods including problem-solving, case studies, project-based learning, to name a few. We aim to offer a unique experience to our students where internationalisation meets local tradition. We do this through a faculty of multiple nationalities, students from different parts of the worlds, a mixture of global and local business case studies, and opportunities to visit different organisations in Macao and other nearby Chinese cities.


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