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Religion is as old as humanity.  Wherever there is human life, there is religion.  The scholar F. Max Mueller states, “Whether we descend to the lowest roots of our own intellectual growth, or ascend to the loftiest heights of modern speculation, everywhere we find religion as a power that conquers, and conquers even those who think they have conquered it."  Hence, understanding religion – as a major force in human experience – in its historical, social, political, intellectual, and artistic influence is self-evident.

The recently renamed “Faculty of Religious Studies” (FRS) provides a venue within the University of St. Joseph and the wider local community for the exploration of the historical, intellectual, social, and cultural aspects of the various religious traditions.  Being situated in Macao, FRS continues the long tradition of dialogue between faith and culture.

Our Religious Studies Programmes are designed to cater to the needs of two classes of students:

(1) Those enrolled in the degree of Bachelor of Christian Studies.  This is meant for religious men/women and lay individuals who are interested in an initial degree in Catholic theology, namely those preparing for the ordained ministry in the Catholic Church who require a canonical Bachelor degree in Catholic Theology. It prepares them for teaching and pastoral ministries, or further studies in Theology.

(2) Those who wish to do a Master or Ph.D. in Religious Studies.  These graduate courses train students to develop a deeper understanding of religion and its relation to society and culture.  Different religious traditions are explored through comparative and thematic studies in their specific historical and cultural contexts.

The Faculty of Religious Studies likewise hosts lectures, conferences, and evening classes for all comers from local society, to foster a sense of belonging to a vibrant intellectual and faith community.

Prof. Arnold T. Monera
Faculty of Religious Studies






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