Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA)

We exist to engage students in a vibrant learning environment that may enrich student experience in the campus community, caring for their whole-person development and cultivate them to be responsible global citizens and professionals.

We accomplish this, among other things, by the following:


Adaptation support

We organize different academic programs to help develop the skills for students in different aspects, such as Buddy Programme. Buddy Programme is designed for international/exchange students. They can get help and supports from older/ local students in order to integrate into the new society and environment more smoothly.


Career Services

We provide help and support to our students in their career developments through wide ranges of personal advice sessions, workshops, and course training, USJ Students are well prepared in skills – up for challenges of the global workplace.


Student Organization Services

We provide assistance to every student organization by providing activity management advising, fund seeking, venue booking, etc in order to enrich students’ university life.



A well-rounded student requires both mental and physical training to meet the rigorous challenges of tertiary education and to prepare them to their future careers. Sports are an important and exciting part of student life at USJ. Students grow as individuals by being part of a team and experiencing appropriate competitive opportunities. We initiate sport activities in cooperation with the Students; Association and seek sport facilities for clubs and students.


Workshops and other activities

We can help organizing events and activities for both students and USJ staff in order to build closer relationships between them.


Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships are gift funds that are often awarded to students with high academic achievement and with financial difficulties. These are positive reinforcements for high achievers to continue striving to their optimum potentials and also assist students with financial difficulties to pursue their passion for learning. We negotiate with corporations or personal for scholarships donations so as to include the number of scholarships and number of students benefited. For students who have any financial difficulties, we can offer help through scholarship. For more details, please visit our Financial Aid page.


Support for students with special needs

We also offer help and support for students with disabilities, for more information, please visit our Student with special needs page.


Alumni service support  

We offer our support to the graduates of USJ, the Alumni. We are delegated in providing services and support to the Alumni Association (AAUSJ); meetings are held regularly to plan annual events, activities and gatherings to continue to strengthen the bond between the University and its graduates.


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