Student Insurance

Group Accident Insurance

The University of Saint Joseph has purchased Group Accident Insurance for all USJ students. The insurance plan covers accidents that happen during the following period:

  • Classes and activities within the university campuses
  • Students coming to / departing from campuses (within one hour)
  • Activities organized by the university (including local or overseas)
  • Internship (not including the commute time)

Procedures on making claims

  1. Send an email to and notify Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) of the accident.
  2. Submit the required documents to OSAA as soon as possible after receiving treatment.
  3. OSAA will forward the documents to the insurance company to verify and process the claims.

Required documents

  • Personal Accident Claim Form
  • Copy of student’s ID / passport & student card (Front & Back side)
  • Proof of accident time (e.g. Class/internship calendar, event poster)
  • Receipt(s) of medical treatment
  • Recovery statement

Personal Medical Insurance

To ensure international students have adequate medical support and coverage during their studies at USJ, all non-local students studying at USJ are requested to purchase medical insurance before they begin their studies at USJ, except with special approval of the university. Insurance plan will cover outpatient treatments, hospitalisation and accidental death in Macao. The scheme operates on an annual basis and therefore students are requested to renew their medical plan every year. International students will receive the relevant information at the beginning of each academic year.

Local students may choose to purchase the medical insurance plan at their own decision. Interested students are welcome to contact OSAA for more details: / 8592-5655.

Last Updated: October 15, 2021 at 12:23 pm