Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang

stephen lee-01

The Chancellor of the University of Saint Joseph is ipso facto the Bishop of Macao.

The Chancellor:

  1. Appoints the Rector, Vice-Rector(s) and Administrator.
  2. Approves the symbols of the University, following consultation with the relevant parties.
  3. Presides at all acts and ceremonies where he is in attendance.

Initially, the Chancellor of the University of Saint Joseph was the Chancellor of the Catholic University of Portugal. However, it was not a common practice for a Catholic university to have as its Chancellor the bishop of another diocese, so the previous two Chancellors had requested a change to the university’s Charter, and this finally came into effect on 24th of April 2017.

Previous Chancellors:

  • 2013/2017 – D. Manuel Clemente
  • 1998/2013 – D. José Policarpo
  • 1996/1998 – D. António Ribeiro

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