Recognition of Degrees and Diplomas of USJ in Macao

University of Saint Joseph (USJ) offers a wide range of programmes across diverse fields of knowledge. The government of Macao accredits all our programmes*, and our graduates have been able to pursue careers and further studies with prestigious local and international institutions, thus endowing us with a high level of recognition and credibility.

*See USJ Charter Article no. 47  “Signing and recognition of diplomas and certificates”, Charter of the University of Saint Joseph


View all Programme’s Government Approval (in Chinese and Portuguese only):

Faculty of Social Sciences and Education 

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor of Social Work

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)


Diploma de Pós-Graduação em Educação

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Master of Education

Master of Organisational Psychology

Master of Social Work

PhD in Education

PhD in Psychology

Faculty of Arts and Humanities 

Bachelor of Architectural Studies

Bachelor of Communication and Media

Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Portuguese-Chinese Translation Studies

Master of Architecture

Master of Communication and Media

Master of History and Heritage Studies

Master of Information Technology

Master of Lusophone Studies in Linguistics and Literature 

PhD in Global Studies

PhD in History

PhD in Information Systems

Faculty of Business and Law

Bachelor of Business Administration

Post-Graduate Diploma in Legislative Sciences

Master of Business Administration

Master of Community Development

Master of Government Studies

Master of Lusophone and International Public Law

PhD in Business Administration

PhD in Government Studies

Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy

Bachelor of Christian Studies

Bachelor of Philosophy

Master of Philosophy

Master of Religious Studies

PhD in Religious Studies

Institute of Science and Environment

Bachelor of Environmental Science

Master of Environmental Sciences and Management

PhD in Science


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