Faculty of Health Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Saint Joseph, the most dynamic and internationalized place to envision a world with better healthcare and service delivery in the digital era. We are very excited you are joining us on this ambitious yet meaningful journey. This new faculty is committed to educating the next generation of professionals concerning a wider scope of healthcare through internationally-connected research collaborations, supporting evidence-based and practice-oriented research that benefits the community. Students would take an active role in exploring and addressing the broader determinants of health through multisectoral policy and action, empowering individuals, families, and communities to take charge of their health. Our international faculty members are highly experienced and recognized in their respective fields of expertise. We believe this environment would help students to acquire the highest level of competence, sensitivity, and integrity, and above all, uphold professional values and ethical principles, to reshape the future and serve the community to promote a better quality of health and life.

I believe you will find your journey with our faculty and university to be enriching and fulfilling, so let’s be prepared for an exciting future.




“Promoting healthier lives and well-being through implementation science education and innovative research”

The vision for the Faculty of Health Sciences is to build an innovative institution of learning renowned for producing outstanding allied health professionals. We are dedicated to advancing health knowledge and care practice through practice-oriented research, establishing new benchmarks for the industry. Our unwavering dedication extends beyond academia as we aim to be rooted in serving the community. We aspire to cultivate the next generation of health practitioners and researchers that encourage cooperation, innovation, and excellence, with guidance from our distinguished international faculty members, equipping graduates to lead with knowledge and compassion. Our ultimate objective is to transform healthcare so that it serves society better.



The Faculty of Health Sciences is dedicated to establish its vision through:

  1. Comprehensive health science education and training programs, designed to prepare the next generation of allied health professionals to lead and transform healthcare and services in an interconnected world.
  2. Local and beyond research collaboration that could bring a positive impact to the community and address the ever-changing needs of society.
  3. Education that engages community stakeholders to implement effective and sustainable healthcare intervention benefits individuals and families.
  4. Cultivate value-driven future leaders through professional mentorship that uphold professional values and ethical principles, serving the community with competence, compassion and integrity. Our graduates are to be catalysts and contributors for positive change in the healthcare landscape centered around health and wellbeing.


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