Faculty of Administration and Leadership

Dean's Message

At the Faculty of Administration and Leadership we believe that innovative leaders will shape the twenty-first century collaboration economy. Our faculty draws on the humanistic, historical and commercial traditions of Macau to offer interdisciplinary and international-oriented programs designed to advance innovation, development, and wellbeing of our communities.

We dedicate ourselves to create a learning environment where you develop passion and responsibility for discovery, experimentation, integration, and citizenship.  Our goal is to co-create with faculty and students experiences that have immediate impact on your personal development and in the long-term improve sustainability of organizations, society and the natural environment.

Our programs emphasize problem-oriented and project-based learning. We are particularly interested in the interplay between economic and social dynamics in metropolitan areas and unexplored commercial routes.  Hence, we seek to establish cooperation with other institutions, locally and overseas, that share similar purposes.

I am honored to work with our faculty and students helping to embark on new journeys. Please visit our website and make us a visit.

Prof. José Alves




Faculty Members

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