USJ Soccer Team Advances to ADUM 5-a-side Soccer Competition Championship





Be sure to mark your calendars and gather at the Mini Artificial Turf Soccer Pitch on April 28th to experience the passion, skill, and excitement of the ADUM 5-a-side soccer competition final!

The University of Saint Joseph’s (USJ) soccer team is gearing up for an exciting showdown as they advance to the final of the ADUM 5-a-side soccer competition. The final match will take place on Sunday, 28th of April, 2024, at 11:00 am at the Mini Artificial Turf Soccer Pitch in University of Macau, located between Building W34 and Cotton Tree Circle.

The final teams that have advanced to the championship have demonstrated remarkable talent and determination throughout the competition, making it a highly anticipated match for soccer fans and aficionados. The upcoming clash promises to be an exciting spectacle, with both teams showcasing their skills and competing for victory.

Supporters of USJ and soccer enthusiasts alike are encouraged to come together to cheer for the USJ soccer team in this final match. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and the love for the game!