• Communications & Media gives me an array of knowledge fields from which I can, upon graduation, select and master in.
    -- Dan Shalev (Year 2 student) READ MORE >
  • Initially, my main objective to enroll into the MBA program was to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive business environment...
    -- Gert Noordzy (2012 MBA graduate), International Hotelier READ MORE >

  • -- Isabel Maria do Rosário (Master in Design 2012 Graduate) / from: Macau Macao Polytechnic Institute READ MORE >
  • The MCP Program did not only further my knowledge in Psychology, it also gave me the skills necessary to become a good counsellor and a therapist.
    -- Norman Mendoza (2013/2014 Graduate) READ MORE >
  • Studying architecture is a great experience.
    -- Nestor Jr Arzadon San Valentin, Year 5 student READ MORE >
  • I gained something great from my 4 years at USJ!
    -- Dunstan Shin (2010 graduate) Entrepreneur, Fashion Industry, Korea READ MORE >
  • USJ is a place where you can open your mind to learning and sharing...
    -- Theresa Lam (2013 Graduate) READ MORE >
  • The Master of Business Administration programme of USJ allows me to broaden my horizons in business perspective in order to enhance my business acumen.
    -- Eurico Gabriel (Master in Business Administration 2012 Graduate), HR Senior Executive READ MORE >
  • People from different nationalities work together at USJ so you have the opportunity to work in cross-cultural projects.
    -- Joyce Fong (2011 Graduate) Macau Senior Clerk – Overseas Employee Services Wynn Macau READ MORE >
  • Being a Design student in USJ meant a great deal of self-improvement and independent learning for me.
    -- Mariana Inácio (2012 Graduate), Shop Manager READ MORE >
  • To date, the course has been comprehensive, creative, and challenging; an educational process that encompasses not only the needs of the individual teacher, but addresses the needs of Macao as it progresses through a rapid transitional period of prosperity.
    -- Arnett Christopher (2013/2014 PGDE class) READ MORE >
  • The English PDGE program at USJ is a unique experience for Macau educators of every background. I have found the coursework to be a blend of highly practical subject matter and deeply enriching theory and philosophy for educators.
    -- Elizabeth Ritchie(PGDE '14, Feb 2014) READ MORE >
  • The dedicated attitude of professors, administrators and personnel, fosters a sense of affiliation at USJ.
    -- Keith Reis Fernandes (2013/2014) READ MORE >
  • I’m a Mass Communication graduate and at the time I was working here in Macau, I decided to take another course that may somewhat be related to my degree. I was trying to find out at the administration what course I can enroll in, when Professor Filipe Braganca introduced to me the Master in Design course, he told me about the course and I became interested and I know that it would be challenging and interesting, and communication was also involved as well as research, writing and drawing / sketching.
    -- Marenella Carlos Santos (Master in Design 2012 Graduate) / from: Philippines READ MORE >
  • One of USJ's main incentives is to assist and cultivate students attaining international insight, critical and creative thinking.
    -- Chan Lok Kei, Rocky (2011 Graduate) Assistant to Members of the Legislative Assembly New Macau Association READ MORE >




LLO-Apply Starts_English



The University of Saint Joseph is committed to providing excellent educational opportunities to its students, across a broad range of subjects and degree levels. Every year a large number of local and international prospective students apply to study with us, and therefore you are highly encouraged to apply as early as possible. 



The application process is managed online through the “Apply Now” button. On the application page, you will be asked for your programme(s) of interest, particulars, qualifications and supporting documents (soft copies). You will then be given access to a personal dashboard where you can follow the progress of your application.

After reviewing your information, our Admissions Office will contact you for further clarifications, if required. Applicants will be asked to undertake an English proficiency test. Selected applicants will also be invited for an interview (in person or via Skype).

Once the process is finalised, applicants will be informed of the outcome, which can be one of the following:

  1. Conditional offerYou are offered a place in your chosen programme. The specific conditions for matriculation will be stated in the acceptance letter and normally concern academic qualifications and/or language proficiency. The conditional acceptance has a time validity during which you need to meet all the requirements stated in the acceptance letter.
  2. Standby: The result of your application has not yet been determined but you have been put on a standby list and it is possible that you may be accepted shortly thereafter. The final decision regarding your acceptance into the programme will be made normally within 15 days.
  3. Rejected: Your application has been unsuccessful.

We wish you luck with your application and look forward to welcoming you to the University of Saint Joseph. Should you need any further clarification or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via one of the following channels:

Applicants for programmes offered by the University of Saint Joseph are considered on a case-by-case basis. The final decision for placement rests with the University.

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