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Due to the school holidays, our office will be closed from 24 January (afternoon), 27-29 January 2020. Apologise for any inconvenience may be caused.

Kung Hei Fat Choy! We wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!

University of Saint Joseph Lifelong Learning Office



祝 大家新春快樂、吉祥如意!


In support of Macao’s development into a learning society and the nurture of diversity in expertise and culture, Lifelong Learning Office was founded under University of Saint Joseph to aim at facilitating and cultivating lifelong learning abilities in local individuals. Through acquisition of knowledge and skills, the Office takes on a quest to broaden the horizons of individuals so as to contribute to an overall enhancement of the social competitiveness and quality.

As a fulfilment of the mission aforementioned, the office is committed to the provision of short-term programmes for the personal development of local residents of different ages and professions. Majority of the programmes are designed and delivered by the University’s resident and visiting academics, covering a wide variety of disciplines that are expertise of the seven Faculties in hope to meet the learning needs of the general public. In addition, the Lifelong Learning Office also offers focused training in professional knowledge and skills tailored for both the public and private sectors. All customised training programmes are offered solely to aid organisations and enterprises in nurturing staff members, enabling enhancements in overall efficiency and productivity through the professional development of personnel.

Services provided by the Lifelong Learning Office include:

Public Programmes

  • Generally held in the evenings on weekdays or weekends, the Public Programmes cover disciplines of Religious Studies; Language Learning and Social Studies; Administration and Management; Psychology and Education; Creative Industries; Science and Environmental Studies. All Public Programmes are open for application, and are delivered in a small size class for the sake of better learning experience and quality. Information on latest available Programmes can be obtained here.

Training Programmes

  • Designed and provided exclusively for clients from both public and private sectors, the Training Programmes aim at enhancing the employability and competitiveness of the participating staff members of the clients. Customisation in curricula, schedules, venues and programme duration are possible upon request so as to meet the actual needs of the clients. Please reach us with the following contacts for details and discussion.

Seasonal Programmes

  • Mainly targeting students from local and foreign senior-year high schools or Universities, Programmes of this category include intensive language courses and Summer Camps usually held in the third quarter of the year. Latest information regarding individual programme or activity will be announced on this website.


Hotline:   +853 8592 5688
Fax:         +853 2872 5517



OFFICE LOCATION (LIFELONG LEARNING OFFICE) [Starting from 11 September 2017]

University of Saint Joseph, Ilha Verde Campus
Estrada Marginal da Ilha Verde No 14 – 17, Macau
(Adjacent to “Macao Water Supply Company Limited”)

Office Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 13:30 ; 14:30 – 19:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays excluded)


Nearest Bus Stop Routes Reaching this Bus Stop
M24 “Conselheiro Borja / Colégio S. José”


8 (towards “R. do Parque Industrial”)

8A (towards “R. do Parque Industrial”)

28B (towards “Est. Ilha Verde”)

29 (towards “Est. Ilha Verde”)


Public Car Parks Nearby


Location of
Entrance and Exit

Auto-Silo do
Edifício Cheng Chun青泉樓停車場
Located at Edifício Cheng Chun da Habitação Social da Ilha Verde The Entrance and Exit are located at Estrada Nova da Ilha Verde
Auto-Silo do
Edifício Cheng Choi青翠樓停車場
Located at Habitação Social da llha Vedre in Estrada Nova da llha Verde The Entrance and Exit are located at Estrada Nova da Ilha Verde
Auto-Silo do
Edificio Cheng Chong青葱大廈停車場
Located at Edifício Cheng Chong The Entrance and Exit of are located at Estrada do Canal dos Patos
Auto-Silo do
Edifício Cheng I青怡大廈停車場
Located at Edifício Cheng I The Entrance and Exit are located at Avenida do Conselheiro Borja
Auto-Silo do
Edifício Cheng Tou青濤大廈停車場
Located at Edifício Cheng Tou, Avenida do Conselheiro Borja The Entrance and Exit are located at Rua Norte do Patane


Arrangement during Bad Weather
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Serviços de Polícia Unitários—Instruction of Disaster Prevention of Storm Surge

Disaster Prevention Brochure (PDF File) click HERE

Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau

Macao SAR Government Portal – Departments and Agencies

Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (D.S.E.J.)

Public Security Police Force of Macau

Macao Public Library

Transport Bureau (D.S.A.T.)—Bus Stop Information by District

Macao Health Bureau (Serviços de Saúde)

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Notice from D.S.E.J.: 

  • The Division of Continuing Education of Macao Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (D.S.E.J.) is now collecting a Satisfaction Survey for Continuing Education Development Subsidy Scheme 2017-2019, for the participants who have been completed our programmes. The participants may receive a link via SMS for its questionnaire.

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