Careers & Internships

We provide help and support to our students in their career development through a wide range of personal advice sessions, workshops and training courses. Through these initiatives, our students will be well-equipped to face the challenges of the global workplace.

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Career Planning Advice 

OSAA provides individual career mentoring to students which aims to help students set up their career goals, identify their career paths and prepare them for their future career. Students are welcome to make an appointment to discuss career opportunities or other related matters, such as career direction, job market, preparation of CV and cover letter, interview skills, as well as job searching means. OSAA is pleased to provide advice and guidance on choosing a suitable career pathway.

Please send an email to to make an appointment with OSAA.

Recruitment Talks and Workshops

The University strives to ensure that our students have the best possible chance of moving forward – from a learning environment to a world of work or further study. We are committed to providing guidance to students and organizing talks, workshops and seminars that will enhance their knowledge and skill development.  Students can know more about the industries related to their study major and establish positive contacts with their prospective employers. They can also learn more about their future potential careers and get more insights among different industries.

For Employer and Industry Partners

Our University encourages organizations to inform us of any employment and internship opportunities that are suitable for our students and alumni (part-time, full-time jobs or any internship programs), as well as workshops, seminars, company visits, volunteering opportunities, or activities related to youth entrepreneurship/startup.


Should there be any immediate vacancies, please contact us by completing the online registration form:  Employers Registration Form or via email:

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