Internships and Jobs

The University has signed agreements with over 80 local partners to provide support for our students’ career development and ensure the best possible opportunities for them to enter the professional world. USJ Students and Alumni can find a range of job opportunities and internship programmes offered by organizations and employers here.

All job-related information will be emailed to our students and alumni periodically. Updated information will also be posted on our website regularly.



OSAA’s Internship and Career Services offers non-credit bearing internship opportunities with local and international companies/organizations from different industries during the summer holiday (June to August), which allows USJ non-final year students to enrich their work experiences, establish the business network with prospective employers and cultivate job-seeking skills. It provides students with an opportunity to transform academic knowledge into practice, improving their interpersonal skills and maturity, and enabling students to consider whether the job suits their personal strengths and personalities. The internship experience can enhance their competitiveness in the job market after graduation.



OSAA’s Internship and Career Services assists students in career development and the path of finding a suitable job. Students will be well-prepared for the transition to a working environment. We give advice to students on the relevant skills and knowledge that are essential in the working environment. Students are welcome to drop by and discover more on our support and resources for finding part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities, and more.


USJ Student Ambassador Application 

For students who are willing to offer help in the campus, please click here to complete the online form.  If there is any vacancy and/or interview opportunity, we will contact the registrants directly.


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