Student Activities

Within USJ’s community, students will find many ways to get involved and make lifelong friends. We engage to create a vibrant learning, inclusive and belonging environment that promotes caring for student whole-person development and qualified professionals where extracurricular activities are organized to complement the university’s academic curriculum and to augment the student’s educational experience.

We can help organise events and activities for students and USJ staff in order to build closer relationships between both parties.

  • Diversity and inclusion

In line with our objective to create a community in which students embrace the value of diversity and inclusion, we organize related activities that promote an inclusive culture on campus, values respectful diversity, and recognizes that staff and students from different backgrounds and experiences enhance whole-person education, bring innovative cultural and academic insights to teaching, learning and research.

  • Leadership and social activities

We engage to organize social activities to foster the bonding among the university community as well as to promote leadership and service. Among one of our signature programme is the Buddy Programme.


  • Student government and clubs

We provide assistance to every student government and clubs by providing activity management advising, fund seeking, venue booking, order to enrich students’ university life.

  • Volunteer and civic engagement

Volunteer and civic engagement activities are organized for the benefits of the surrounding community, and most importantly, enable students to critically reflect upon their service experiences.

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Contact Us

We are located at the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs, on the second floor of the Residential Hall at the Ilha Verde Campus.

Contact us via email at or call us at +853 8592 5655.

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