USJ delegation visits the “National Security Education Exhibition"





A USJ delegation composed of teachers, admin, students and alumni members visited the “National Security Education Exhibition” on April 21, 2023, aimed to enhancing the awareness of national security.

On April 21, 2023, a delegation of the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ), including students, alumni, and staff members, led by Dr. Alejandro Salcedo Garcia, Administrator of USJ and Ms. Chan Fong Mei, May, President of the Alumni Association of University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ), visited the “National Security Education Exhibition”, aimed to enhance the citizens’ knowledge and awareness of national security.

The exhibition is divided into various zones, including national security law, cyber security, border management, and infiltration prevention. Students, alumni, and staff members were able to gain a deeper understanding of knowledge and technology in national security through multimedia, displays, models, and interactive experiences. Participants were given the opportunity to test their national security knowledge in the game booths after the exhibition.

USJ is committed to providing students with various educational and practical opportunities to cultivate high-quality talent. The “National Security Education Exhibition” visit not only deepened the participants’ understanding of the importance of national security and protection measures but also enhanced their national security awareness and self-protection skills. Moreover, this is one of the activities that were organized by USJ to actively promote national security education for students, staff, and alums.

The delegation that visited the exhibition included Mr. Chan Kuai Son, Addy, Chairman of the AAUSJ and Ms. Lavena Cheong, Director of Quality Assurance Office, Ms. Mavis Kong, Head of Academic Affairs Office, Mr. Marco Leong, Head of Information Systems Office and Mr. Tiago Monteiro, Head of Technology and Facilities Office.