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The field of Creative Industries is an innovative paradigm within today's knowledge-based society. It is closely associated with recent trends in cultural activities, digital technologies, and sustainable urban development. The Creative and cultural industries are furthermore acknowledged as a strategic model for the development of vibrant and pioneering clusters of business and entrepreneurship in Macao and the Pearl River Delta.

Created in 2012, the Faculty of Creative Industries integrates some of the more successful programs of our university, ranging from the most traditional sectors of the Creative Industries, such as Design, Architecture, and Communication & Media, to new fields of study that increasingly converge in the creative domain, such as Information Systems, Interactive Media Technology and Environmental Urban Development.

Some of our programs, such as Architecture, are unique within the higher education system of Macao, but above all, the integration of these complementary areas within the same faculty introduced a multidisciplinary community, in which students have access to exceptional educational opportunities and a work environment that allows them to extend their abilities to the utmost.

Prof. Álvaro Barbosa

Exhibitions | Bloom Pavilion & Reboot, organised by students from the USJ Faculty of Creative Industries 




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