Master Programme

Faculty of Arts and Humanities


An interdisciplinary degree that connects the fields of History, Cultural History, and Heritage Studies.


In this programme, students will learn about the historical-cultural configuration of Macao, the Pearl River Delta and of aspects of East and Southeast Asia at large, while acquiring fundamental skills in historical and cultural research, and the management and conservation of cultural patrimony.

Course Duration
2 years full-time (evening) programme

Teaching Medium

Total Number of Credits for Graduation

Ilha Verde Campus

Programme’s Government Approval (in Chinese and Portuguese only) (Click here)

September to July

Weekly Schedule
Mondays to Fridays

Key Features

  • Modular delivery, with coursework modules taught one at a time, in sequence
  • Hands-on fieldwork activities at historical sites
  • Special concentration on the History and Cultural Heritage of Macao
  • Special attention to the pearl River Delta region
  • Inclusion of the study of Cultural heritage of East and Southeast Asia at large
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to the care of cultural patrimony, tangible and intangible
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills in historical research

Typical Career Options

  • Museum area
  • Cultural tourism
  • Information sciences (libraries and archives)
  • This programme offers multiple career possibilities, not only in the context of Macao but also internationally.
  • Basis for further specialisation in conservation, management and restoration of heritage

Study plan & description of modules

Students must complete all the main modules and one specialisation

Please click on any specific module to see its description.


Year 1
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
12.00 credits