Master Programme

Faculty of Business and Law

2 Years (Evening) English Ilha Verde Campus


This programme aims to deliver knowledge of international legal practice with a focus on Lusophone law.

The Master of Lusophone and International Public Law is innovative and hands-on, catering to both professional and non-professional legal petitioners. This programme has been co-designed by an experienced international academic team at USJ and the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and is co-delivered with UCP’s Faculty of Law. In the programme, students learn from instructors with backgrounds in European civil law, administrative law, commercial law, comparative law, political science, and geoeconomics.

The programme coordinator is Douty Diakite.

During the two years of evening course work, Master of Lusophone and International Public Law students hold full-time student status.

Student Experience

  • Students are exposed to issues connecting Macao and the Portuguese-speaking world from an international legal perspective
  • Students gain practical legal experience through internships with major law firms in Macao
  • Students explore practical legal cases with an experienced international faculty team

Career Opportunities

  • Legal and business advisors
  • International organisations
  • Sino-Lusophone business and trade

Typical Applicants

  • Are legal professionals or business executives interested in developing legal knowledge from an international perspective

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Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
2.00 credits
Year 2
2.00 credits
10.00 credits