Faculty of Religious Studies

The Faculty of Religious Studies offers a Bachelor of Christian Studies as well as a Master and PhD in Religious Studies.

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers a Bachelor of Philosophy, a Bachelor of Portuguese-Chinese Studies (Language and Culture), a Master of History and Heritage Studies, a Master of Lusophone Literature Studies, a Master of Philosophy and a PhD in History. Besides, it coordinates the language and core modules offered at the undergraduate level.

School of Business and Law

The School of Business and Law focuses on the study of management and leadership in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Our aim is to develop innovative and society-oriented leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of Macao, the Pearl River Delta region, and our international partners. Our Faculty has been growing since 1997 and currently our alumni are present in all five continents.

School of Education

The School of Education is a learning community where students are known by their names and cherished by the faculty members. Central to our programmes is the notion of students as lifelong learners as they learn how to succeed and participate fully in a knowledge rich society.  We promote employment and innovation while cultivating social engagement and personal fulfillment.

Faculty of Creative Industries

Created in 2012, the Faculty of Creative Industries integrates some of the most successful programs of our university, ranging from the most traditional sectors of the Creative Industries, such as Design, Architecture, and Communication & Media, to new fields of study that increasingly converge in the creative domain, such as Information Systems, Interactive Media Technology and Environmental Urban Development.

Institute of Science and Environment

The Institute of Science and Environment develops research in different domains of science, including Environmental Sciences, Biology, and Earth Sciences. Our research is closely linked to the programmes offered by the Institute, a Master programme in Environmental Sciences and Management and a PhD programme in Science. In addition, the Institute also provides support for science and mathematics modules from other USJ undergraduate and graduate programmes.

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