Recognition of Degrees and Diplomas of USJ in Portugal (EU)

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) was created by the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and the Diocese of Macao in 1996, under the former name of Instituto Inter-Universitário de Macau (IIUM). USJ is an autonomous university closely associated to UCP.

UCP issued a declaration on the current status of USJ Degree Recognition in November 2018 (download here) and USJ issued a clarification on this subject in regards to the application of the New Higher Education Law in Portugal (download here).

For the better guidance of USJ’s alumni who would like to obtain recognition of their degrees and diplomas in Portugal, we have collected the information in the attachment here.

Additional supportive documents:

  • Comissão de Reconhecimento de Graus e Diplomas Estrangeiros (click here)
  • Os graus e diplomas do ensino superior de Macau são reconhecidos por Portugal (click here)

To know more about recognition of international degrees in Portugal see the DGES Website.

To apply to Recognition of International degrees in Portugal (including by UCP) follow this link.

For more information, please contact

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