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Anti-drug Education Newsletter 54st Issue

Safe School Network Bulletin by The Youth Concern Group of Judiciary Police (JP)

Dec 2022 Issue

According to our data, karaoke bars, discos or pubs are popular among teenagers. The festive ambience may blindsided them from spotting dangers lurking in these places and perpetrators may take the opportunity to trick teenagers into falling prey to crime. On the other hand, some teenagers may spend more time surfing the Internet during the holiday than usual, they could also be victimised if they do not exercise vigilance when it comes to the legitimacy of online information. We urge students to stay vigilant at all times especially when it comes to your own safety.

Nov 2022 Issue

The World Cup is kicking off. Perpetrators may take the opportunity to use illegal gaming websites or offer unlawful loans to entice people to place bets with them. With a heightened sense of frenzy for the World Cup in the air, teenagers might easily be tempted to take part in illegal football betting and fall prey into crime. According to Law no. 8/96/M, it is illegal for anyone to operate or host gaming outside legal venues, or conduct anything related to gaming, or place bets outside legal venues. The Judiciary Police urge youngsters never try online gambling out of curiosity.

Oct 2022 Issue

The Judiciary Police was alerted to a suspicious person harassing students around a school area. He was later arrested for sexual assault by touching upon investigation. Sexual assault causes tremendous damage to the victims. The Judiciary Police is committed to tackling and preventing crimes against teenagers. We urge students to stay vigilant especially when strangers try to creep up on or tail you. If you witness or discover any illegal deeds, find somewhere safe and inform teachers, parents, school counsellors or the police immediately.

Apr 2022 Issue

The JP has received a number of reports on employment scam recently. We urge students to stay vigilant against job adverts that state “work from home, no job experience required with good salary”. When students look for part-time jobs, they should remain wary and ask for advice. They should always study the background and job scope of the hiring company to avoid falling prey to crimes.

Mar 2022 Issue

Online shopping provides convenience, but also comes with traps. The Judiciary Police alerts all students to remain wary when shopping online:
– Only shop at reputable shops or websites;
– Study seller’s credibility and products’ details before purchasing;
– Use a third party payment platform or “cash on delivery” method;
– Keep transactions and chats records for future reference;
– Update the passwords to your online accounts periodically;
– Avoid logging into your accounts via computers in public venues such as Internet cafes or libraries to protect your identity.

Jan 2022 Issue

Some people may choose to do their new year shopping online and might be unaware of the recent con tricks on phishing websites during the festive season. Therefore, the Judiciary Police urge members of the public to stay vigilant against fraud at all times to prevent themselves from falling prey.

Dec 2021 Issue

The holidays of the Macao S.A.R. Handover, Christmas and New Year is approaching, it is important that we stay vigilant against crime when out and about celebrating with friends and family. As such, the Judiciary Police urge everyone to stay wary at all times to prevent themselves from being victimized.

Nov 2021 Issue

A case of aggravated assault occurred recently in which two teenagers, walking back home in the wee hours, were verbally and physically attacked by a group of people and one of the victims was severely beaten into a coma. The Judiciary Police urges all students to remember the following:
1. Avoid hanging out at crime prone places;
2. Do not do or say anything antagonizing to strangers to avoid conflicts;
3. Try to leave the drime scene as soon as possible should you fall prey to crime. Stay calm, avoid deserted places and contact the police for help.

Oct 2021 Issue – Maintain a secure online learning environment

Recently a school had notified the Judiciary Police via the Safe School Network about an alleged fraudster in a school-parent chat group. The scammer pretended to be a teacher and instructed the parents to purchase teaching materials or send out indecent materials in the group to disrupt the order of online lessons. As such, the Judiciary Police urge all stakeholders, including schools, parents and teachers to work closely together to maintain the security of their chat groups and online lessons. If anyone falls prey to scams, please contact the police at once.

Sep 2021 Issue – Be Smart in Online Social Media

Young people love documenting their lives through their mobiles, and upload them onto social media for their friends and family to see. Although there is nothing wrong with sharing your likes online with others, you must be careful though with what you post online, e.g., uploading photos of a fellow student dozing off in a funny way without his consent is against the law as stated in Article 186 (Invasion of privacy) and Article 191 (Unlawful recording and photography) of the Macao Penal Code.
The Judiciary Police urge students to refrain from taking pictures of others or disclosing them without consent as you could face criminal charges. In addition, students should pay attention to the following:
1. Do not disclose personal or others’ private data;
2. Do not spread rumours;
3. Be courteous towards others; do not provoke others to anger;
4. Try to find friends in the real life and do not get addicted in the cyber world.

Aug 2021 Issue – Online Scam of Currency Exchange

The Judiciary Police has been notified of fraudulent activities on social media. Scammers lured victims into sending them money in order to get a good RMB$/MOP$ rate. Victims sent the money as instructed and only realized it was a scam after losing touch with fraudsters. Students should be aware of the modus operandi and avoid befriending strangers online or through friends. If you wish to exchange foreign currencies, you should only go to banks or licensed foreign exchange.

Jul 2021 Issue – Precautions of Online Activities

The Judiciary Police reminds students to take the following safety precautions during online activities: 1. Be very careful when making friends online as the Internet is a virtual realm where anyone can fake his or her identity; 2. Never accept requests from online friends to meet in person; 3. Always refuse to lend or rent your social media accounts to online acquaintances; 4. Do not reveal personal information to strangers or online acquaintances, or allow them to use your photos; 5. Adjust the privacy settings of your social media accounts to restrict accessibility of your personal information; 6. Refrain from clicking or sharing suspicious hyperlinks. Upon receiving links sent or forwarded by your friends, first verify with them before clicking the links; 7. Never remit or transfer funds to online acquaintances to avoid being scammed; 8. Forward information on fraud prevention to your friends and family to prevent them from becoming targets of fraudsters.

Jun 2021 Issue – Soccer Gambling

The UEFA European Football Championship has kicked off mid-June and potential offenders may seize this opportunity to earn profits through operating unlawful gambling websites or provide illegal loans for people who participate in soccer gambling. Teenagers are reminded to resist the temptation of soccer betting to prevent financial losses or breaching the law.

May 2021 Issue – Campus Bullying

A student was reportedly hit, slapped and humiliated by bullies, according to a report filed to the Judiciary Police by a local school. The Judiciary Police attached utmost importance to the case and had immediately dispatched our criminal investigators to the school to investigate. According to Article 137 of the Macao Criminal Code (Crimes Against Physical Integrity) stipulates that offenders of the crime could face up to 3 years’ imprisonment. In addition, anyone who breaches Article 175 of the same Code (Defamation) could receive a prison term of 36 months. The Judiciary Police urges students to love and respect others, remain calm when there is a conflict and immediately inform teachers, student guidance personnel or parents about the incident, and do not act on impulse.

Apr 2021 Issue – Illegal Purchase of Offensive Weapons

The Judiciary Police learnt that some teenagers have purchased prohibited or dangerous items online, such as imitation firearms or cutting tools, and shipped them back to Macao. It is an unlawful act to purchase offensive weapons and the persons responsible could receive imprisonment terms upon conviction.

Mar 2021 Issue – Beware of Internet Scam

A local school reported that the social media accounts of some students were used by fraudsters to defraud their friends after the students have rented out their accounts for third party use. As such, the Judiciary Police urges youngsters to stay vigilant against strangers: never rent out or let others use your social media accounts for money transfer nor disclose your personal information to strangers lest you may fall prey to crimes.

Feb 2021 Issue – Online Gambling

The Judiciary Police urge young people to stay away from online gambling. Some people see gambling as a game that gives them fast money. Unfortunately they are not aware of the facet hat fraudsters set up illegal gambling website with the intention to defraud them. Addicted students may seemingly become miserable in life and in their study.

Jan 2021 Issue – Internet fraudsters

The Judiciary Police has recently received report from a teenager, indicating that criminals have been using internet social platforms to conduct fraudulent activities. Fraudsters solicit victims through claiming “zero cost and high returns in a short period of time”, then leading them into believing that they could earn decent rewards in record time simply by purchasing goods or investing online, and defrauding money in the process. Students are reminded to be vigilant when searching for part-time jobs and refrain from seeking to earn quick money on the internet.

Dec 2020 Issue

A video of a fight among students at a sport court has made its way to the Internet. According to Article 137 of the Macao Penal Code, offenders who cause bodily harm to others could face a maximum penalty of 3 years’ imprisonment upon conviction; Article 138 of the same code states that if someone causes severe bodily harm to others could receive 10 years’ imprisonment upon conviction. The Judiciary Police urge students to remain calm when there is a brawl or disagreement among each other, try to be understanding and compassionate towards others. Remember it is against the law to cause injuries to others.

Nov 2020 Special Issue – Stay Vigilant Against Sexual Abuse

Due to the recent sexual abuse cases in Macao, the Judiciary Police created a video about the importance of finding help or calling the police if anyone believes they are being followed by strangers. Click HERE to view the video and feel free to share with your friends and family.

Nov 2020 Issue – Naked Chat Scams

Naked chat scams have resurfaced in recent months. Fraudsters set up bogus social media accounts and invited victims to join them for a chat which quickly became sexual. Gullible victims were taped while they talked to their new friends naked and were extorted for money later. Students are reminded to be highly alert when it comes to giving out personal information on the internet or accepting friend’s requests from strangers.

Oct 2020 Issue – Prevention of Sexual Abuse

A police report has been made by the owner of a private tuition centre regarding one of its tutors inappropriately touching private parts of female students there. Accordingly to Article 166 of the Macao Penal Code, anyone who engages a minor under 14 years old in sexual acts may face a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Sep 2020 Issue – Prevention of Bullying in Campus

There is a recent case which involved bullying, threat and extortion among teenagers. The victim was threatened and extorted for money in a deserted place near school by a group of youngsters, in which the youngest was only 11 years old. Please be reminded that verbal abuse, threat, extortion or wounding committed in real life or online are criminal offences. We should remain calm when there is a conflict between peers.

Jul 2020 Issue – Beware of celebrity meet-and-greet scam

Some conmen contacted the fans of a Hong Kong celebrity and offered them an exclusive meet and greet for money (US$2500). The victim realised it could be a scam and reported the incident to the police. The Judiciary Police urge the public not to fall for the scam and beware of people whom they meet on social media. (Read more…)

Jun 2020 Issue – Prevention of Sexual Harassment on Campus

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