Institute for Data Engineering and Science

Welcome to the Institute for Data Engineering and Sciences (IDEAS), which is a research and development institute at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ).

Data sciences and engineering develop data-centric solutions, algorithms, and theories for advanced, up-to-date engineering, business, medical, and scientific data analytics for solving engineering, science, and societal problems.

The essence of education lies in giving people the ability to define beauty and the will to realize it. Here, the Institute for Data Engineering and Sciences (IDEAS) at USJ pursues our core mission of teaching, training, and research, in the interest of the public good. We offer comprehensive curricula in postgraduate programmes, projects, and post-doc research, to provide students with a vibrant and diverse environment to fully develop their potential and to cultivate top innovative talents with a global perspective, with the aim at nurturing and producing present and future data scientists and data engineers of the highest quality. The Institute provides a solid foundation in data science for students with specialized domain knowledge, such as smart elderly care, business analytics, financial technology (Fintech), smart tourism, health informatics, and smart city technology. We use and teach data analytics and artificial intelligence for the development and benefit of society.

The world-class faculty is the foundation of IDEAS. We work closely with the USJ faculties and industrial partners. Additionally, many adjunct professors in IDEAS come from top universities in the world and are international leaders in their respective fields.

USJ is a deliberately small, bijou university. However, it is really big in its scope, specialisms, ideas and excellence. It is one of the few places in the world big enough to hold so many dreams, big and small, boundless and even “unbridled”. Here we pursue the dreamers; we believe that good dreams lead to positive attitudes, and positive attitudes lead to positive results. We hold to that dream in all our work. So, onward! We have work to do and more challenges to meet. We strive to do better and better. Join us in this important work!

Last Updated: October 18, 2021 at 12:08 pm