USJ Students Participate in Southern Lingnan Medicated Diet Study Tour





USJ students participated in the “Beautiful Danxia, Yao Medicine Mystery” Southern Lingnan Medication Diet Study Tour from June 1 to 6, 2023.

A delegation of 12 USJ students led by the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) participated in the “Beautiful Danxia, Yao Medicine Mystery” Southern Lingnan Medication Diet Study Tour organized by the Shaoguan University from June 1 to 6, 2023.

During the trip, students participated in various activities related to prescribed diet studies, including lectures on Southern Lingnan Chinese medicinal food and the myth of Yao medicine, the making of health-preserving (yang sheng) medicinal soup, and the exploration of the culture and knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine in the Southern Lingnan region. The students and staff also visited a mushroom cultivation base, the caulis dendrobii base, the Yao medicine cultural street, the Yao medicine industrial park, and the Guangdong Provincial Drug Inspection Institute’s Chinese medicine specimen museum branch in Shaoguan, where they gained a more in-depth understanding of the entire process from the planting to the processing of Chinese medicinal herbs and learned more about the local Yao culture.

Apart from the learning activities, they also went on field trips to the famous scenic spots, such as the Guangdong Grand Canyon and Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan, which allowed them to better understand the natural scenery of the Southern Lingnan region and gain valuable experiences.

Throughout the six-day journey, the students from USJ mingled with peers from Shaoguan University and other universities in Hong Kong and Macau.  They became friends through group activities and treasured the friendship. One of the participants said, “This experience has brought many precious memories and friendships and has had a significant impact and inspiration on my future learning and life. I hope to promote the benefits of the Chinese medicinal diet to my friends and family so that it can reach a more prominent and younger market, creating more room and direction for its development.”

This Southern Lingnan Medicated Diet Study Tour is also an attempt for the University to promote experiential learning through study tours, allowing students to learn and grow through practice and experience. This form of education is believed to be more widely implemented in the future.