Prison Outreach Programme


The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Prison Outreach Programme offers incarcerated individuals the opportunity to further their education and improve employment opportunities post-release.

The aims of the programme are to educate and inspire incarcerated individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals, prepare them for future social reintegration, and a better transition into communities.

The programme brings access to University courses and offers a combination of soft and hard skills that will empower incarcerated individuals with the knowledge and competencies needed for successful reintegration.

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Help us raise funds to provide assistance for incarcerated individuals to pursue further education through our outreach programme. Your financing will provide crucial support to incarcerated individuals access to higher learning in prison and post-prison. Your contribution will also help foster rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

Our goal this year (2021) is to raise MOP250,000 by offering scholarships and fellowships to support outstanding incarcerated students and students from low-income families.

Your donations will help transform lives. Please donate to this meaningful cause.

To donate, please deposit on the above Bank of China (MACAO)Account:181-1011-0312-6760 or contact the Prison Outreach Programme Leader or Office for Student and Alumni Affairs.

Contact Information:

Prof. Helen Liu
Prison Outreach Programme Leader

Tel:+853 8592 5654

Mr. Derek Wong
Office for Student and Alumni Affairs

Tel::+853 8592 5654

Address: Estrada Marginal da lla Verde, 14-17, Macau, China

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does the administrating fund charge?
Zero charges apply. All funds raised from the Prison Outreach programme will go to scholarships for inmates.

How much will the inmate student receive?
2,500 MOP per module.

How many modules does USJ offer to inmate students each semester?
The Faculty of Social Sciences and Education (FSSE) offers 8 modules each semester in prison.

How many modules should each inmate student take each semester?
4 modules.

Other than the fundraising, is there any other sponsor or discount supporting the students from the programme? 
Yes, USJ offers incarcerated students a discount in the outreach programme. In addition, USJ and the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) have recently signed a partnership agreement to award “Outreach Programme – Prison Education Scholarships”.

How many inmates benefited from this programme in the Academic Year of 2021-2022? 
15 incarcerated students in the Academic Year of 2021-2022. 

What degree students would be awarded when the student completed the programme?
Bachelor Degree.

Is there any other major that students can choose from FSSE?
So far, USJ only offers degree programme in Social Work for incarcerated students.

Last Updated: June 10, 2022 at 6:41 pm