Professor George Du awarded "Principal Scientist" title at the 10th Anniversary Conference of China's Smart City Construction





Dean of Institute for Data Engineering and Science Prof. George Du was awarded the title of “Principal Scientist” at the 2023 China Smart City Construction 10th Anniversary Conference.

The “2023 China Smart City Construction 10th Anniversary Conference” was held on March 6, 2023 in Shenzhen. The event was attended by various industry leaders, academics, and scholars.

The conference is co-sponsored by China Mechatronics Technology Application Association and China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance, and jointly organized by Shenzhen Smart City Research Association and Shenzhen Smart City Construction Association.

At the conference, the China Smart City Expert Committee commended scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of smart city technology and industry development and awarded them the title of Principal Scientist.

Previously, the Committee had awarded 26 academics as Principal Scientist, including 14 academics from Mainland China, 1 member of the US Academy of Engineering, 5 members of the International Academy of Eurasian Science and 5 industry experts. Professor George Du Wencai, Dean of the Institute for Data Engineering and Sciences of the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ), was honoured to be the 27th academic to receive this title.

The China Smart City Expert Committee recognises Professor Du’s outstanding contribution to the development of the first provincial-level e-government data interoperability framework and standard in mainland China, namely the “Hainan Province E-government Data Interoperability Technical Framework and Standard” (海南省電子政務數據互操作性技術框架及標準), which was developed over a three-year period (2009-2011), as a core technology for promoting smart city construction in China. This is an outstanding contribution to the advancement of core technologies for smart city construction in China.

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