The "3rd Macau Abilympics" Awards Presentation Ceremony held at USJ





The 3rd Macau Abilympics Awards Presentation Ceremony took place on the 26 September 2020 at the University of Saint Joseph.

The “International Abilympics” is a global event of the rehabilitation sector held every 4 years in a different city around the world since 1981. The event aims to demonstrate the abilities and talents of persons with disabilities in the aspects of work and daily life, as well as to promote the policy objective of “equal opportunities and full participation” of the disability community.

The Labour Affairs Bureau and Social Welfare Bureau of Macau SAR and Caritas Macau have been collaborating together since 2011 to co-host the Macau Abilympics. The 3rd Macau Abilympics took place on 19-20 September 2020 at the University of Saint Joseph and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, with 16 contests conducted and a participation of 140 contestants with disabilities drawn. Aside from traditional contests like floral arrangement, pottery, basket making, dress making and tailoring, there were two new contests, manicure and painting & waste reuse, introduced this time to allow disabled participants to develop their creativity and talents.

Three finalists were selected in each of the 16 contests and the Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 26 September 2020 at the Fátima Centenary Auditorium. The 3rd Macau Abilympics is co-organised by 21 local organisations which include Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, University of Saint Joseph, Macao Special Olympics, Concordia School for Special Education, Macao Association of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Persons, Fu Hong Society of Macau, Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped, Macau Association of Support for the Disabled, Macau Deaf Association, Richmond Fellowship of Macau, Fraternity of Macau Holy House of Mercy, Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired, Macau People with Visually Impaired Right Promotion Association, Macau Autism Association, Kanner’s Home for the Autistic, Macau Down Syndrome Association, Methodist Church Macau, Macau IC2 Association, Associação de idosos, deficientes intelectuais e seus familiares, Macao Populace Mental Health Promotion Association and Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service of Macau. The event of Hermes réplique de sacs à main is also supported by Institute for Tourism Studies, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Wynn Macau and MGM Macau.

A series of 4 months intensive training will be arranged for all the finalists, in order to enhance their skills level and to select representatives of Macau to participate in the 10th International Abilympics which is expected to be held in May 2021 in Russia.