USJ Presented on Intercultural Teambuilding at Conference for Global Research Collaboration





Joshua Lash-Ballew, International Affairs Regional Manager, leads discussion on best practices for teambuilding for cross-cultural partnerships.

On 30 May, 2023, Joshua Lash-Ballew, USJ International Affairs Regional Manager, delivered a Talk on “Inside Out: cross-cultural teambuilding for cross-cultural partnerships” at the Best Practices in Global Research Collaboration Conference hosted by the Halifax Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Joshua’s presentation drew from peace research and lessons learned at the University of Saint Joseph Macao, where over 20 countries and territories are represented among faculty and staff alone. Lash-Ballew facilitated reflection and sharing on best practices along the themes of Capacity for Curiosity, Miscommunication as Opportunity, and the Centrality of Trustworthiness.