USJ School of Business and Law students attended the Global Tourism Economic Forum 2019





Students of USJ School of Business and Law attended the Global Tourism Economic Forum 2019

A delegation of students from the University’s School of Business and Law attended the keynote panels and report launch by the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre. The students were impressed by the impact of tourism on the development of East Asian countries and the important role that it places in the global development of economies. This year, Argentina and Brazil were the highlights of the Forum, which saw more than 60,000 visitors from Mainland China to each country this year. Brazil is also one of the Portuguese-speaking Countries that Macao, as a platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, aims to further develop a relationship with.

In addition, a panel on the development of the Greater Bay Area was the second focal point of the event. Distinguished business leaders in the field of Eco-Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Transportation from across China were featured with their prescriptive advice on the future outlook and development of the Greater Bay Area from the tourism perspective.


The forum gave the students a glimpse into the development of tourism in the future of Greater Bay Area. The rich and dynamic prescriptions of industry experts also provided a guiding light in the ever changing industry and the developmental aspects of tourism in the global context.

During the forum, the students also had a chance to meet the legendary Mr. A.J. Hackett who brought the infamous Macao Tower Bungee jump to the city.