USJ Opened Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education





USJ Opened Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education in June 2019

On 29 June, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) opened the Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education. The Research Centre in Education is being named after Bishop Emeritus of Macao Don Domingos Lam Ka Tseung (澳門林家駿主教) as a recognition for his deep interest, involvement and support in the setting up of USJ and for all his contributions to the development of education and social services in Macao. The Centre has received generous start-up funding and support from the Diocese of Macao, and immense personal support from the Bishop of Macao, Don Stephen Lee Bun-sang. It focuses on conducting and reporting research that brings direct benefit to Macao’s schools and education, addressing local issues and serving the Macao community as well as looking more widely, drawing on international research evidence.

The Centre seeks to promote and sustain the development of research in education, to link research and educational practice, policy making, decision making and action, to disseminate the results of research through a range of channels, and to be a resource for educational research findings and their dissemination. The Centre will run training and development on research in education, and provide seminars, workshops, and conferences on research in education.  It is designed to develop and provide consultancy and programme development and to engage with global educational networks through the dissemination of its activities and findings.

The Centre Research in Education has several areas of initial research focus, of topical interest to Macao, including: Catholic schooling; inclusive education; early years’ education; ICT; leadership and management; curriculum and pedagogy; education and society; and education and well-being. It already has identified many projects for research, conferences, courses and workshops.

The Centre involves resident academics from a range of disciplines in USJ, together with visiting academic staff who have close connections with the University, from Australia, the UK, South-east Asia and Europe. As part of the School of Education and the University, it works with funded research and postgraduate research projects, training up the next generation of researchers in education.

In the opening speeches, speakers noted that the Centre seeks to work closely with the local community and local networks of schools to provide a range of research-based services. It aims to bring forward research and development projects that meet the needs of the local community in an era of change, and to improve local education by using research evidence and evidence-informed decision making, see dlcre.usj.edu.mo.

The opening ceremony included the book launch of “Perspectives on Inclusion”, with contributions from local and international authors, focusing on inclusive education in Macao.







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