Sign Language Song Workshops with "Macau Deaf Association"





The USJ students participated in the sign language workshops with the Macau Deaf Association

On October 15 and Nov 7, 2018, the Year 3 and Year 4 Students of Infant Visual Arts and Music Education, School of Education – University of Saint Joseph had opportunities to understand the learning needs and teaching strategies of young children with hearing impairment through the Macau Deaf Association (MDA): In order to promote social cohesion and as part of the inclusive education pedagogical awareness, Professor Carrie Ho held the two workshops for using sign language as a tool for children song learning. During the workshop, a deaf-mute teacher with a colleague of MDA shared the diversified services of the Association; the updated statistics of students with hearing impairment; the characteristics of sign language; and the learning needs of children with hearing impairment and related teaching strategies. Through hearing blockage game and sign language bingo, USJ’s students learnt some useful signs for the daily terms. The workshops completed successfully with our students signing two songs with lots of smiles and loving understanding of the needs of people with hearing impairment. Further collaborations between USJ and MDA will be developed to promote social cohesion and inclusive education excellence.


2018 Deaf Assoc Workshop 04