Year 2 Bachelor of Education students visit the Macau Anglican College





Bachelor of Education Year 2 students visited the Macau Anglican College (MAC) on May 4, to explore more about inclusive education practices.

On May 4, 2022, the Bachelor of Education (BEd) Year 2 students, who are taking the Inclusive Education module, visited the Macau Anglican College (MAC) to explore how the MAC implements whole school inclusive education practices.

The visit was organised by the Principal, Mr. Robert Alexander, and the Inclusive Education Coordinator, Ms. Vivian Wong. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate the impact of inclusive practices and how to support and resource inclusive education.

The students gained a deeper understanding of the practical application of inclusive education. The visit to the school is one of many initiatives to promote thinking of inclusion and current policies and practices in the context of education systems in Macao.