Sands Announces 2021 Drop by Drop Project Grant to USJ/ISE





The USJ Institute of Science and Environment continues its partnership with Sands and Clean the World through a new Drop by Drop project grant.

The Institute of Science and Environment (ISE) of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) continues its partnership with Sands and Clean the World through a new Drop by Drop project grant

The Institute of Science and Environment, with a team lead by Prof. Karen Tagulao, received another grant from the Drop by Drop project, to continue their work on the local wetlands. This year’s project is more focused on the role of wetlands (mangroves) as a nature-based solution for climate change mitigation and adaptation for a coastal city like Macao. Their important roles as carbon sinks and as buffer against water related risks, like flooding due to more frequent severe weather events, will be evaluated through field and laboratory experiments/investigations. The project also involves community engagement activities such as exhibitions, talks and field trips, in order to raise awareness about the value of wetlands for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the city. USJ is committed to addressing environmental challenges through scientific research and community outreach, in order to contribute to making Macao a more sustainable city.

Source: https://www.sands.com/news/sands-announces-2021-drop-by-drop-project-grant-recipients/