“Are we ready for the future of Greater Bay Area?” – Along with Youth Strategic Roundtable





The Macao Observatory for Social Development and the Macau Association of Caring for Children held a Round Table Discussion on “Transformation of Youth Development Strategy” on the 04 November, 2022.

Macao Observatory for Social Development of the University of Saint Joseph and Macau Association of Caring for Children organized an annual ‘Along with Youth’ Strategic Round Table discussion focusing on youth development during a transformation era.

Professor Álvaro Barbosa, Vice Rector of Internationalization and Academic Affairs thanked the organizer for this meaningful discussion important to our future development of Macau. He also pointed out that USJ needs to connect to our community and shows an impact on society, and this round has achieved that purpose by inviting different stakeholders to discuss and find possible solutions targeting the concerning social issues. It is a strategic development for USJ to be one of the members to provide education service in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and continue to serve the needs of Macau, and its surrounding region, and act as a bridge between the Portuguese-speaking countries and the GBA.

Professor Jacky Ho, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Director of the Macao Observatory for Social Development, and also the Vice President of the Macau Association of Caring for Children, expressed that GBA is not just an economic, trading, and technology hub, it also demands professional to work in the human service industry, e.g., social service, health service, and community development. Soon, Macau will serve as a professional training platform in the social and health service industry and strengthen partnerships with relevant parties, by integrating technology and big data analytics into the human service, to promote a more accurate and effective service model and delivery. This round table has invited a number of keynote speakers, this included:

  • Lo Choi In, Legislative Assembly of Macau SAR;
  • Leong Hong Sai, Legislative Assembly of Macau SAR;
  • Lam Nga Iong, Director of Macao Federation of Trade Union;
  • Nelson Kot, President of Associação de Estudos Sintético Social de Macau;
  • Chan Ka Ip, President of Association of International Internet Macau.

This event was greatly supported by professionals working in the industry. The opening ceremony was attended by:

  • LiuDun, Deputy Director of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao (Department of Social Welfare);
  • Ao Ieong Chin Tat, interim Head of Education and Youth Development Bureau;
  • Wong In Leng, Supervisor of Social Welfare Bureau Children and Youth Service Division;
  • Jorge Valente, Chairman of Sino-Luso Industry and Culture Exchange Promotion Association;
  • Alvaro Barbosa, Vice-Rector of University of Saint Joseph;
  • Anok Novo Rosalina, Founder of the Macao Association for Community Car Children;
  • Lo Io Chou, Director of Macao Association for Community Car Children.