Short Bio

Professor Helen Liu received her MSW from Rutgers University School of Social Work and her Ph.D. from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. She is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Saint Joseph and an associate affiliate of China Center for Social Policy Columbia University School of Social Work. Professor Helen’s work has been supported by Taiwanese government funding sources such as the Work Force Development Agency and the Ministry of Education. During 2012-2018, Professsor Helen taught in higher education institutions in the United States as well as in Taiwan.Professor Helen’s current research examines the following topics: 1) Families, Children, and Youth Well-Being; 2) Stress, Mental Health, Resilience; 3) Human Development and Acculturation; 4) Asian American Immigrants, Southeast Asian Immigrants in Taiwan; and 5) Social policy and management in Macau, Hong Kong, and mainland China.


Liu, S.W., Zhai, F., and Gao, Q. (2020). Parental Stress and Parenting in Chinese Immigrant Families: The mediating role of social support. Child & Family Social Work, 1–14.

Liu, S.W., Zhai, F., and Gao, Q. (2017). Parental Acculturation and Parenting in Chinese Immigrant Families: the mediating role of social support, China Journal of Social Work, 10:2-3, 203-219.

Liu, S.W. (2013). Bilingual Social Workers in Mental Health Service Provision: Cultural Competence, Language, and Work Experience. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 7, 85-98.


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