Official Title: Assistant Professor | Director of the Xavier Centre for Memory and Identity | Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy | Director of the Macau Ricci Institute

Faculty: Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy


Short Bio

Dr. Thomas Yilun Cai (Ph.D, KU Leuven) teaches courses in dogmatic theology. Before coming to USJ, he was a research fellow at Sun Yat-sen University. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the idea of natura pura in Robert Bellarmine’s commentary on the Summa. Dr. Cai’s work is broadly engaged with the theology of Thomas Aquinas and the Thomistic school in the 16thand the 17thcentury.


Articles in English:

Yilun Cai, “The Efficacy of Grace according to Domingo Bañez”, Augustiniana 62

(2012), 291-326.

Yilun Cai, “The Appeal to Augustine in Domingo Bañez’s Theology of Efficacious

Grace”, Studia Patristica 69 (2013), 379-384.

Yilun Cai, “Robert Bellarmine’s Idea of the Child Who Dies Unbaptized in the

Commentary on Summa Theologiae”, Journal of Early Modern Christianity 1 (2014),


Yilun Cai, “Desiderium naturale vivendi Deum in Robert Bellarmine’s Commentary

on Summa Theologiae”, Gregorianum 95 (2014), 511-534.

Yilun Cai, “The Question of Adam’s Grace and the Theology of Pure Nature in Robert

Bellarmine’s Commentary on the Summa”, Sino-Christian Studies 24 (2017), 7-39.

Thomas Yilun Cai, “Original Sin and Reprobation in Renaissance Thomism, The Cases of Domingo Bañez and John of St. Thomas,” in Nos sumus temporaStudies on Augustine and His Reception Offered to Mathijs Lamberigts, BETL 316, ed. A. Dupont, W. François, J. Leemans (Leuven: Peeters, 2020), 433-444. 

Yilun Cai, “To follow or overcome our nature?  Reflections on the goodness of human nature with Mencius and Thomas Aquinas,” Gregorianum 103(2022), 691-712.  

 Articles in Chinese:

Yilun Cai, “I loved Jacob, but I rejected Esau” Thomas Aquinas’ Idea of the Cause of

Predestination”, Logos and Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology 47(2017), 49-75.

Yilun Cai, “The Debates on Indulgences and Faith between Cajetan and Luther in 1518

Augsburg”, Christian Studies 22(2017), 117-131.

Yilun Cai, “God and the Origin of Moral Evil---Maritain and Nicolas on God’s

Permission of Evil, Universitas 46(2019), 71-85.

Yilun Cai, “St Robert Bellarmine on Unbaptised Infants: A Theological Interpretation in the Historical Context,” Collectanea Theologica Universitatis Fujen 202 (2019), 522-550.


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