Official Title: Administrator

Faculty: School of Education


Short Bio

Alejandro Salcedo Garcia is a resourceful Doctor of Education with expertise in bringing success within educational institutions operations, with high success rate of teachers and administrators management enhancement and environment development that encourage continuous improvement. Doctor Salcedo is a forward thinker and much experienced academic administrator, possessing drive, determination and a broad knowledge of organizing, managing and supporting the day to day activities required for running an educational institution.

With over 30 years of experience as a teacher, manager and Principal in Hong Kong and Macao, together with his qualifications – Bachelor of Theology (1981) at Pontifical Institute of San Pedro Martir, Spain, Bachelor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (1994) at University of Hull, England; Master of Education, (1996) at University of Hull, England; Doctor of Education, (2008) at University of Saint Joseph, Macao – and experience in research and publications (Teachers Stress in the Macao Workplace, Managing Complex change in School – engaging pedagogy, technology, learning and leadership, etc.), Dr. Salcedo is an experienced educational professional, working for the advancement and betterment of education through new management programs and by guiding educational institutions through the experience and knowledge he has. His great success in management strategies and administration policies, innovative programs, and the provision of general supervision support, led him, in the year 2006, to be awarded the Merit Medal in Education by the Macao Government.



Administrator of the University of Saint Joseph



Member of the Macao Government Talents Development Committee (2018-2022)

Member of the Macao Education Bureau Non-Tertiary Education Committee (2016-2022).

Coordinator of the USJ Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education (2018-2020).

Principal of Saint Paul School Macao (1997-2018).

Member of Teachers Development Committee, Macao Education Bureau (2011-2015).

Chairman, Catholic Foundation Executive committee, University of Saint Joseph in Macao (2010-2013).

Chairman, Macao Diocesan School Committee (2009-2013).

Principal, Rosaryhill Kindergarten and Primary school in Hong Kong (1989-1993).


Ph.D. in Education (2005), University of Saint Joseph, Macao

Master in Education (1995), University of Hull, UK

Bachelor in Educational Philosophy (1993), University of Hull, UK

Bachelor in Theology (1981), Pontifical Institute of San Pedro Martir, Spain


Alejandro Salcedo, Keith Morrison, Ah Chung Tsoi & Jinming He (2014) Managing Complex Change in School: Engaging pedagogy, technology, learning and leadership. Routledge. London.

Keith Morrison, Alejandro Salcedo Garcia & Sin Teng Wong (2020) Group work and cultural characteristics in a Chinese school, Educational Research and Evaluation, 26:1-2, 75-115.

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