Official Title: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Short Bio

Sandra Olga Ng, Ka Man, is a senior lecturer at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) in Macau, China. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Macau, she has cultivated a diverse skill set and academic background. Sandra holds a master's degree in Communication and Media from USJ, and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Global Studies. Her research focusses on 3D modelling, rendering, and virtual reality, with a particular emphasis on exploring the applications and impact of Virtual Reality (VR).

In addition to her academic pursuits, Sandra has accumulated extensive experience in various fields, including Public Relations, translations, digital illustration, and social media communication, since her graduation with a Bachelor's degree in 2015.

Sandra's dedication to advancing knowledge in her field is evident through her published academic papers, conference presentations, and participation in international events. Her recent paper, "In Memorial and Serenity: Introducing VR Grave Mourning in the Chapel of St. Michael in Macao," published in the International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics, exemplifies her commitment to innovative research.

Apart from her academic achievements, Sandra is an accomplished professional in the realm of digital design. She showcases her creative projects on platforms like Behance, Kuula, and Thangs, providing a glimpse into her 3D modelling and VR ventures. Noteworthy among her creative endeavours are the VR exhibition "ARTeFACTo2022Macao" and "Night Painting Selected Works 2018-2023" and the immersive VR tour of the Holy Cross Chapel of the University of Saint Joseph.

As an educator, Sandra has supervised and guided students in their academic endeavours. One of her notable supervisions led to the development of "COMMUNICARE," an interactive multisensory application to care for trees in Macao.

Sandra's influence extends beyond the classroom, as she has organised and participated in workshops and creative events, both locally and internationally. Her contributions to events such as the ARTeFACTo 2022 Macao International Conference and the UN World Data Forum Satellite Event in 2023 underscore her commitment to fostering creativity and knowledge exchange.

In collaboration with Seton Hall University, Sandra spearheaded the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) Exhibit Showcase in 2024, showcasing the collaborative efforts of students and faculty from both institutions.

Sandra Olga Ng, Ka Man, is not only an academician and researcher but also an innovative designer and mentor, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of technology, art, and education. Her multifaceted contributions reflect a passionate commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and knowledge in the dynamic landscape of communication and media studies.




Google Scholar: Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man






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The Conditions of Achieving Mindfulness through (In)Tangible Virtual Reality Experience in Macao - UN World Data Forum Satellite Event 2023


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Ng, K. M. (2019). To what extent social media plays a role in Macao emergency public communication? the Macao case study during Typhoon Hato (2017) [University of Saint Joseph].


2021/2022 (Graduated in November 2023)

Advisor – COMMUNICARE - An Interactive Multisensory Application to Care for Trees in Macao - Hera, Cheong Weng Ian


UEH – Professor, October 2023


UEH – VR Exhibition Curator, October 2023

NIGHT PAINTING SELECTED WORKS 2018-2023 | VR Photography Exhibition at ARTTECH Fusion Vietnam          

KMUTT Soundscape workshop – Professor, August 2023

SOUNDSCAPE CREATIVE WORKSHOP SERIES #02 - A Creative Approach for Experimental Moving Images

KMUTT Soundscape workshop – Professor, March 2023

SOUNDSCAPE CREATIVE WORKSHOP SERIES #01 - A Creative Approach for Experimental Moving Images

Jiangsu University Summer Tour – Professor, 2020

2-week-summer tour on culture and arts.

Workshop organised by DSEDJ – Teaching Assistant, 2020

3-day-workshop on 3D printing and laser cutting.

Workshop organised at EPM on 3D scanning and 3D printing – Teaching Assistant, 2020

2-day-workshop on 3D scanning and 3D printing.


2024 - International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) Exhibit Showcase (link)

A collaboration with Seton Hall University
Project Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Morgan, Prof. Carlos Sena Caires
Coordinator: Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man | Website & online curator: Prof. Filipa Martins de Abreu

2024 - 360º Panoramic Photo Tour of the Holy Cross Chapel of the University of Saint Joseph (link)

Photography: Alumni Mamadú Seck
Project Supervisor: Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2023 – Mindfulness Single User Experience (link)

The "Mindfulness Virtual Reality (VR) Experiment" is part of study outcome from a PhD in Global Studies at the University of Saint Joseph. It aims to understand participant’s main thoughts and connections to mindfulness through testing four immersive experiences in VR.

3D modelled, curated and rendered by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2023 – Night Painting (link)

The University of Saint Joseph in Macao, China, proudly presents the "Night Painting" exhibition, featuring the creative talents of Bachelor students in Communication and Media. This extraordinary showcase of their work promises to be a captivating experience. 

Projects Supervisors: Prof. José Manual Simões and Prof. João Brochado
VR Supervised and Curated by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2022 – ARTeFACTo2022Macao | Art Gallery (link) / Conference Room (link)

On the 24 & 25 November 2022 the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Saint Joseph (Macau S.A.R, China) is organising the ARTeFACTo 2022 Macao International Conference on “Digital Creation in Arts, Media and Technology”.

Giving the possibility to break the restriction of physical inaccessibility to Macau, this virtual exhibition gallery was 3D modelled to showcase artworks and installations arts alongside the ARTeFACTo 2022 Macao International Conference. We welcome every interested individual to join us here and experience this first-ever virtual immersive experience in USJ, embedding various media, NFTs, and virtual chatrooms with artists. 

3D modelled and arranged by Gustavo Mendes Barbosa Bourbon Martins (Year 4, Bachelor of Design) / Matthew Hou Chon Si (Year 4, Bachelor of Design) 

Supervised, exhibition curated and rendered by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2022 – Chapel of St. Michael VR Tour (link)

Inspired by the Chapel of St.Michael, located in St. Michael the Archangel Cemetery, Macao, China. Find your peace and serenity here by focussing and concentrating on your prayer. 

Graveyards and cemeteries are often intimidating areas to be mentioned in Chinese culture. Introducing grave mourning in virtual reality to Macao’s community is challenging since it must be of a good balance of being able to recreate the realistic experience of ‘visiting’ the deceased and not being intimidated by the ordinary cemetery atmosphere. Considering the privacy of other deceased and the sole aim of connecting to the only decedent we want to commemorate on the spot, the Chapel of St. Michael is selected to be recreated.

For the funeral mass, the Chapel of St. Michael was built in 1875 in the St. Michael’s Cemetery (Macao, China). The building, designed by designer Barão do Cercal, covers an area of about 350 square metres. The exterior is Gothic Revival style, while the entire building is painted green and white. The main building has only one floor, and a bell tower is at its entrance. The Chapel is symmetrical, with three stained glass windows behind the altar. St. Michael's statue is placed in the centre of the altar, with many candles and plants around as decoration.

3D modelled, curated and rendered by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man
BGM: Nada Te Turbe | Organ: Branda Vong, Viola: Edward Yee 

2021 – VR USJ (link)

The Ilha Verde Campus of The University of Saint Joseph (USJ), Macao, China, was inaugurated in 2019 as its headquarter. As part of the practice in a module named Virtual Environment designed for year 3 students from Bachelor of Design, we are here to 3D model some part of the campus. 

To begin, the lecturer Sandra Olga Ng prepared the basic architecture of the campus, including its Academic Building and first few floors of the Residential Hall. Then, each student took a small part to work on detailed modelling. With 6 students involved, 6 locations are included, namely, the entrance, the platform, the Don Bosco Auditorium, the Canteen (海王冰室), the Library, and the Exhibition Gallery. 

Also, other projects are also integrated, they are (1) a collaboration from last year's Design class as a collage of a classroom on the 6th floor and (2) an exhibition of stools from the Furniture Design module by the same group of students. Detailed introduction will be found under each rendering. 

The presentation of this project takes an exaggerated approach. Architecture stays simple and clean apart from those highlighted locations that are shown transparent on the overview. These places catch our eyes as we wander around the campus while realistic renderings are presented upon further navigation.

Supervised, curated and rendered by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2021-2023 - (Un)Directed Readings

Collaboration with Gérald Vincent Estadieu, Daniel Farinha as well as Macao local artist June Iec.

Development of a book compiling outstanding creative writings by students with illustration and a kiosk installation to digitalise and print extracts of writings to encourage reading habit to society.

Supervised, copy-edited, curated by Prof. Sandra Olga Ng Ka Man

2021 - Radial String Chimes

Collaboration with Prof. Álvaro Barbosa and Prof. Gérald Vincent Estadieu 

Originally developed by Álvaro Barbosa in 2010 at Stanford University, we developed version 2.0, which include a new soundboard and a complete digital redesign and fabrication process (mainly laser cutting and 3D printing). The project is open-source, online documented and can be replicated and customised in any fab lab.

2020 - 3D Printing Replicates at Macau Grand Prix Museum

Collaboration with Prof. Gérald Vincent Estadieu, Prof. Filipa De Abreu Martins, Prof. Carlos Sena Caires, Prof. João Brochado as well as students and the Macau Grand Prix Museum (Macau).

Development of 3 replicates 1:3 scale of 3 iconic racing cars from the museum to provide a new experiment for visually impaired visitors as well as insight into the possibilities of 3D printing.


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