Official Title: Associate Professor | Head for the Department of Psychology | Coordinator for the Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy Programme

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


Short Bio

Achieved a Degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto, where I also completed a Master in Psychological Intervention with Children and Adolescents and completed my doctoral studies in Psychology. My major interest research is "Children’s Time Use" which is the topic of my doctoral dissertation completed in 2010. Since 1996 I have been doing psychological intervention with children and adolescents, as a clinical child psychologist, in the Cooperative O Fio de Ariana in Porto, Portugal. After five years of teaching Psychology and Communication Skills at the University of Porto, I am now teaching as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education of the University of St. Joseph, Macau. I am handling modules related to childhood and clinical psychology. My other main interest is the theme of disability and inclusion, and I am a co-founder of the “IN-Associação para a Inclusão ao Longo da Vida” (Association for Lifelong Inclusion).


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

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Books & Book Chapters

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Conference Proceedings
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Other Articles and Publications

Correia, A. M., & Teixeira, V. M. (2017). Catholic schools and inclusive education in Macao: A journey of a thousand miles. EDUCA – International Catholic Journal of Education, 3, 85-101.

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