Official Title: Assistant Professor | Programme Coordinator for the Bachelor in Education

Faculty: School of Education


Short Bio

Dr. SUN is an Assistant Professor at the School of Education. She got her Doctoral degree majoring in Early Childhood Education from The Education University of Hong Kong. Before that, she worked as a college lecturer at Qujing Normal University for nearly 5 years in Mainland China. She taught many courses in pre-service and in-service teachers’ training programmes, including Foundations of Education, Pre-school Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education, Language / Health / Society / Science Education in Kindergarten, etc. Her research interests cover a range of topics in education, including early language and literacy development and learning, teaching and learning in the early years, teaching and learning in university, teachers’ beliefs and professional development, etc.


Elected Funding Projects

2019 Sun, C.R., & Ho, K. L. (2019). Practicing what they preach: Relationship between student teachers’ beliefs and practices on early Chinese literacy instruction. Macao Foundation (MF/2019/45).

2018 Sun, C.R., Cheung, H. P. R., & Zou, S. J. (2018). An investigation of Kindergarten teachers’ beliefs and practices of Chinese early literacy Instruction. Yunnan.

2013 Blaise, M., Leung, W.M.V., & Sun, C.R. (2013). Working with partial perspectives: De-colonising and de-imperializing research in the early years. Hong Kong.

2011 Ding. X.D., Zhou, J. D., Yin, M., Gao, Q., Wen, Y. L., & Sun, C.R. (2011). An investigation of early childhood education development in Yunnan. Yunnan.

Book Chapter

Hu, X., Yelland, N., Leung, W. M. V., Liang, Y., Sun, C. R., & Graham, C. R. (in press). Integrating digital technologies during the COVID-19 kindergarten suspension period in Hong Kong. In I. R. Berson, W. Luo, C. Dong, & M. J. Berson (Eds.), Digital Technologies and Early Childhood in China: Policy and Practice. A Volume in I. R. Berson & M. J. Berson (Series Eds.), Research in Global Child Advocacy. Information Age Publishing.

Journal Publications

Sun, C. R. & Ho, K. L. C. (2023). Relationship between student teachers’ beliefs and practices on early Chinese literacy instruction. Universal Journal of Education Research, 11(4), 67-75.

Tam. P. C. P., & Sun, C.R. (2021). Transforming struggling reform implementers into effectual reform agents: Hong Kong preschool teachers’ voices on process drama. Youth Theatre Journal, 35(1-2), 141-154.

Blaise, M., Leung, W. M. & Sun, C.R. (2013). Views from somewhere: situated knowledge and partial perspectives in a Hong Kong kindergarten classroom. Global Studies of Childhood, 3(1), 12-25.

Sun, C.R. (2012). The situation and problems of early childhood development in Yunnan---A case study in Wuhua district in Kunming. Education Teaching Forum, 16, 124-125. (In Chinese)

Sun, C.R. (2012). The cause analysis of the school-age children’s absence from kindergartens in Yunnan and the countermeasures. Education and Teaching Research, 3, 122-125. (In Chinese)

Sun, C.R. (2011). Development of rural preschool education under the background of new rural socialist construction. Journal of Qujing Normal University, 30(5), 122-124. (In Chinese)

Sun, C.R. (2008). The main achievements and problems of early moral education after reform and open in China. Cultural and Education Material, 6, 153-155. (In Chinese)

Conference Presentations / Papers

Blaise, M., Leung, W.M.V., & Sun, C.R (2013). Views from somewhere: situated knowledge and perspectives in a Hong Kong Kindergarten classroom. Paper presented at the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association 14th Annual Conference, Korea.

Sun, C. R. (2014). Truth and power: reflections on Chinese early literacy education in China and evidence from the interviews of a kindergarten teacher. Paper presented at the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association 15th Annual Conference, Bali.

Sun, C. R. (2015). Teachers’ beliefs and practices of Chinese literacy learning in kindergarten. Paper presented at the international postgraduate research Conference and summer school in education, Humanities and social sciences 2015, Hong Kong.

Sun, C. R. (2018). Kindergarten Teachers’ Beliefs about Their Readiness for Early STEM Education----Comparison between East and West in China. Paper presented at the 2018 Spring Annual Conference of The Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (CESHK), Hong Kong.

Sun, C. R. (2018). Chinese Children’s Images of the Ideal English Teacher. Paper presented at the International Conference on English Language Education in the Chinese Context, Hong Kong. 

Sun, C. R. (2019). A Comparison of Early Childhood Language Education Curriculum Between Hong Kong and Macao. Paper Presented in The 6th Cross-Straits and Hong Kong-Macao Comparative Education Forum. Macao.

Sun, C. R. (2019). Kindergarten Teacher’s Beliefs about Chinese Early Literacy Instruction. Paper Presented in The 20th Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association International Conference. Taipei.

Ieong L. S. & Sun. C. R. (2021). Kindergarten Teachers' Attitudes towards Inclusive Education: Perspectives from Macau. Paper presented at 21st PECERA International Conference. Wellington: New Zealand.

Sun, C. R.(2021). A Small Action Research of Using Flipped Classroom Approach to Supporting Diversity Students’ Learning in University. Paper presented at the International Conference on Learning and Teaching 2021. Hong Kong. (Online Presentation)

Sun, C. R. & Ho, K. L.(2022). Relationship Between Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices about Teaching Chinese Literacy in Kindergartens: Perspectives from Macao. Paper accepted to present in 72nd OPEM World Assembly and Conference. Athens: Greece.(Accepted)

Tong, M. K. & Sun. C. R. (2022). An Action Research on Supporting Children's Chinese Literacy Learning by Using the Method of Visualization. Paper presented in the 7th International Conference on Teaching Chinese Second Language. Hong Kong. (Online Presentation)


Year 1 PGDE
3 credits
Year 1 Bachelor
Year 2 Bachelor
Year 3 Bachelor
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