Official Title: Assistant Professor | Coordinator for the Bachelor of Education Programme

Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


Short Bio

PhD., MSc., PGDE., BSc.

Dr. Huey LEI was born in Macao and educated in Hong Kong. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in science major in mathematics, a Postgraduate diploma in education concentrating in secondary mathematics, a Master degree and a PhD degree in mathematics education. His PhD thesis focused on theory of semiotic mediation fostering teachers and students to respectively teach and learn mathematics through manipulation with tools. His research interests cover mathematics education, ICT education and STEM education. Before joining USJ, he taught in high schools and tertiary institutions, and worked in universities in Hong Kong for years.


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Ng, S.W., Kwan, Y.W., & Lei, H. (2020). Enhancing student learning and teacher development: Does ‘assessment for learning’ matter? International journal of educational reform, 29(3), 275-292.

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Lei, H., Chan, Y.C., & Leung, A. (2018). Implementation of tool-based mathematics lesson: a duo of material and digital tools. In L. Deng, W.K.W. Ma & C.W.R. Fong (Eds.), New Media for Education Change – Selected paper from HKAECT 2018 International Conference, pp.125-139. Hong Kong: Springer.

Lei, H., & Leung, A. (2017). Tool-based mathematics lesson: a case study in transitions of activities in didactical cycle. In B. Kaur, W.K. Ho, T.L. Toh & B.H. Choy (Eds.). Proceedings of the 41st Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Vol.3, pp. 145-152. Singapore: PME.

Lee, A.M.S., Leung, A., & Lei, H. (2016). Learning how to measure angles with teacher designed protractors and variation in tools. Poster presented at International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Hungary: PME.


Year 1 Master
3 credits
Year 1 PGDE
Year 1 Bachelor
Year 3 Bachelor
Year 4 Bachelor