Official Title: Emeritus Professor

Faculty: Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy


Short Bio

PETER DAMIAN FRANCIS STILWELL Born in 1946. Ordained priest for the Diocese of Lisbon, Portugal, in 1973. 1993 - DOCTORATE IN THEOLOGY at the Gregorian University, in Rome, with a thesis entitled A Condição Humana em Ruy Cinatti - uma aventura poética e religiosa. ------------ 2012 (May) - RECTOR of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), Macau. 2008-2012 - VICE-RECTOR of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) 2002-2011 - DEAN OF THE FACULTY OF THEOLOGY of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) from 2002 to 2011. 2001-2012 - Commissioned by the Patriarch of Lisbon do oversee the interreligious dialogue in the diocese. 1997-2012 - Spiritual Advisor to the Portuguese national Catholic radio station, Radio Renascença. 1995-2012 - Taught modules of Fundamental Theology, Christology, and History and Theology of Religions at the Faculty of Theology (UCP), in Lisbon.


Selection of publications:

A Condição Humana em Ruy Cinatti. Lisboa 1995 (published version of doctoral thesis, awarded the “Eça de Queiroz prize 1995”);

• Critical edition and preface of Ruy Cinatti’s unpublished Um Cancioneiro para Timor. Lisboa 1996;

• “God in Twentieth-Century English Literature”, Naming and Thinking God in Europe Today. Theology in Global Dialogue. Amsterdam / New York, 2007, p. 187-200;

• “Bolonha: os grandes princípios e a resistência da realidade”. El proceso de Bolonia y la Enseñanza Superior en Europe. Salamanca, 2008, p. 135-144;

• “Diálogo interreligioso como projecto cultural”, Portugal, Percursos de Interculturalidade, v. IV. Lisbon, 2008, p. 121-140;

• “Theological Education in Latin Countries. Some Notes on the Situation in Portugal”, Okumenisches Forum. Grazer Jahrbuch für Konkrete Ökumene. Jahrgang 32-35 / 2009-2013, p. 173-176;

• “Signos de los tiempos: desafío a la Nueva evangelization,” El Concilio Vatican II. Una perspectiva teológica. Vincente Vide - José R. Villar (eds). San Pablo: Madrid, 2013, pp. 545-559.


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