Official Title: Senior Lecturer | Coordinator for Executive Training Programmes

Faculty: Faculty of Business and Law


Short Bio

Emil is a native of Macau who finished his studies abroad at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he obtained his double degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Commerce (Operations Management).  Upon his return from Canada, Emil served as Business Development Manager for Strategic Capital Group of HK under the portfolio of Asian Financial Intelligence platform for online trading in 2000.  His responsibilities included stock exchange markets in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.  After riding the internet financial wave in Hong Kong, Emil returned to Macau and served for 8 years in the Financial Services Bureau of Macau in the Public Asset Management Department.  His career progression from civil service to research and policy development was ignited during his next public administration position at the Macao Government Tourist Office in the Organization Planning and Development Department where research reports and data regarding tourism related policies were collected and analyzed.  His data collection and research duties at the MGTO involved collaboration with the UNWTO and production of tourism related reports for local and overseas authorities. In 2009, Emil finished his Masters in Financial Management from SOAS, University of London and was invited to join the University of Saint Joseph to serve in the development of the undergraduate programme and work as a project manager within the Rector's Office.  He commenced his teaching at the University of Saint Joseph in the Bachelor of Government Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration programmes.  He also initiated the lifelong learning programmes at USJ and established linkages to entrepreneurial networks of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Greater Bay Area.  Emil commenced his PHD in Business Administration in 2018 with a focus on the Open Innovation of the Greater Bay Region.


Emil is very active in the local NGO community and holds directorship at various local and regional organizations.


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Ip, C. H., Lobo Marques, J. A., Dos Santos Silva, B. R., Cortez, P. C., & Barbosa, A. (2023). A Review on Open Innovation and Absorptive Capacity in Small and Medium Enterprises during the last decade - Analyzing Bibliometrics to Understand the Development of the Field. Proceedings of the 2023 14th International Conference on E-Business, Management and Economics, 417–422.


Year 1 Master
Year 1 Bachelor
1.5 credits
Year 2 Bachelor
2 credits
Year 3 Bachelor
Year 4 Bachelor
2 credits