Official Title: Assistant Professor | Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty: 健康科學學院


Short Bio

Prof. Helen Liu is an assistant professor at the University of Saint Joseph, Faculty of Health Sciences in Macau. She received her MSW from Rutgers University School of Social Work and her Ph.D. from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. She is a researcher-practitioner in social work and an associate affiliate of China Center for Social Policy Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City. Her work has been supported by the Education and Youth Development Bureau, Social Welfare Bureau, and Macao Foundation. Her research interest is primarily in the area of promoting child and family well-being, with fostering family resilience and developmental outcomes in children and adolescents. Her recent publication is entitled the Needs of Different Stages of Marriage and Family Life Course in Macao & Family”, which is to explore the developmental tasks, adjustments to the different stages in their family life cycle so as to identify the social services in the marriage and family sector which may help in the transition from one stage to the other.

Prof. Helen is also the USJ Prison Outreach Programme Leader. Her current research project is to promote relevant and useful research in working together with Coloane Prison, contributing to the establishment of quality and effective services of the outreach programme. Her other research interests include the following topics: 1) Stress, Mental Health, Resilience; 2) Human Development and Acculturation; 3) Social Policy and Management in Macau, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Beyond the research experience, Professor Helen has experience teaching in other higher education institutions in Taiwan and in the United States since 2012.


Selected Publications

Ribeiro Leong, O. N. & Liu, S. W. (2022). An exploration of building up the quality of parentchild relationship in residential childcare in Macao. Asian Social Work and Policy Review,16, p114-125 (Corresponding author). (Scopus)

Liu, S.W. &Teixeira, V. (2021). 澳門居民婚姻及家庭生活不同階段的需求調查結案報告。The Needs of Different Stages of Marriage and Family Life Course in Macau. University of Saint Joseph, Macau.

Liu, S.W., Zhai, F., and Gao, Q. (2020). Parental Stress and Parenting in Chinese Immigrant Families: The mediating role of social support. Child & Family Social Work, 25 (s1):135-148. (SSCI, Scopus)

Liu, S.W., Zhai, F., and Gao, Q. (2017). Parental Acculturation and Parenting in Chinese Immigrant Families: the mediating role of social support, China Journal of Social Work, 10:2-3, 203-219. (Scopus)

Liu, S.W. & Chuang, C.L. (2017). A Study on Coping Strategy of the Sustainable Operations at X university under Declining Birth Rates. Journal of Chinese Management Development,6(1), 45-59. (in Chinese)

Liu, S.W. (2013). Bilingual Social Workers in Mental Health Service Provision: Cultural Competence, Language, and Work Experience. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 7, 85-98. (Scopus)

Manuscripts in Preparation

Liu, S.W., and Lei, S.K., Parental Stress and Family Relations in Macao: the Mediating role of parenting styles (Child & Family Social Work).

Selected Funding Supports

2022-2023 Macao Foundation, Youth Cyberbullying-Understanding Contextual Paths toPrevention and Resilience Principal Investigator (MF/2022/ACA/04).

2020-2022 Higher Education Bureau Grant, “Resilience in Corrections After the Implementation of the Outreach Program: a Pathway to Rehabilitation”, Principal Investigator (HSS-USJ-2020-02).

2020-2021 Macao Foundation Grant, “Family Dynamics and Child Development in Macao”, Principal Investigator (MF/2020/50).

2019-2021 Social Welfare Bureau Grant, Macao Foundation Grant, “The Needs of Different Stages of Marriage and Family Life Course in Macao”, Principal Investigator. The Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council has commissioned USJ, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education to explore the developmental tasks, adjustments to the different stages in their family life cycle.

2019-2020 Macao Foundation Grant, “Building up the Quality of Relationship between Foster Children and their Birth Parents”, Principal Investigator (MF/2019/52) .

2018-2019 Macao Foundation Grant, “Management of Social Welfare Services in Macau”, Co-Principal Investigator (MF/2018/20).   

Professional Presentations

July, 2022 Liu, S.W. Prison Education, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration: A Case Study in Macao, China. Paper presented at IFCU 7th International Psychology Congress – Psychology in Dialogue: Three paths, one goal, Porto, Portugal.

July 2019 Liu, S.W. Management of Social Welfare Services in Macau. Paper presented at the 14th European Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Social Science Paris, France.

May 2016  Liu, S.W., Gao, Q. and Zhai, F. Parental Stress and Parenting Behaviors among Asian immigrant parents in New York City. Paper presented at the 2016 International Conference on All-Age Care of Social Work, Miaoli, Taiwan.

Jan. 2014  Liu, S.W., Gao, Q. and Zhai, F. Social Support-A Mediator on the Role of Parental Socioeconomic and Acculturation Stress in Chinese Immigrants’ Intergenerational Relationship. Paper presented in the symposium entitled “Differential Risk and Protective Factors for Mental Health and Acculturation Outcomes Among Major Latino- and Asian-American Subgroups: Needs for Ethnic Sensitive Practices” at Society for Social Work Research (SSWR) 18th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Oct. 2013  Liu, S.W., Gao, Q. and Zhai, F. Parental Stress, Acculturation, and Parenting Behaviors among Chinese Immigrant Parents in New York City. Paper presented at the 55th Annual Conference of American Association for Chinese Studies. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick. New Jersey.       


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