Official Title: Adjunct Associate Professor (Visiting Academic)

Faculty: 教育學院


Short Bio

Dr. Baker-Malungu holds an EdD from Durham University, UK. She is an educator, curriculum designer, researcher and children's book author ( She believes nurturing literacy and love of reading are essential keys to unlocking creativity and the magical path of lifelong learning. Since 1986, she has had the bounty of working with learners in Asia ranging in scope from pre-primary to higher education in Taiwan, Japan, Guangxi, and the Macao SAR. She does not believe the educational experience is limited to a classroom context alone.  To meet the needs of diversity in its various forms - individual capacity, learning readiness, socio-economic status, cultural and linguistic adaptability - she's been involved in creating and facilitating dynamic learning experiences designed to empower independent learning.

The secondary moral education curriculum she designed for a school in Macao received recognition from both the International School Services (1997- Princeton, US) and the Macao Department of Education (1998). Dr. Baker-Malungu has served as a curriculum consultant and professional development trainer for in-service teachers of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) schools as well as teachers of English as a subject at Chinese Medium of Instruction (CMI) schools. After more than 15 years serving as an academic, educational administrator and curriculum designer for numerous Higher Education Institutions in the region – she has recently taken a leap of faith to embark on a new journey and is presently working to establish an NGO focused on enhancing the true potential of education – to awaken within each student (stakeholders such as teachers, administrator and community members included) understanding of their true power as sovereign creative beings, able to affect positive change in the world for themselves and their communities.


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