Official Title: Adjunct Professor (Visiting Academic)

Faculty: 教育學院


Short Bio

Shen Wenqin is Associate Professor of Higher Education at Peking University. He mainly studies the higher education system from the perspectives of intellectual history and Sociology of Science. He authored and co-authored publications focused on transnational history of idea and practice of liberal education (China, UK and US), international academic mobility (especially the mobility of college graduates, doctoral students and postdocs) and doctoral career trajectories. His researches have been published in international journals such as the Higher education, History of education quarterly, Journal of Sociology, Higher education quarterly, Studies in Higher education, etc.


Liu Y, Shen W. Does Higher Education Have a Civic Bonus? Exploring the Role of Higher Education in the Formation of Social Attitudes in Contemporary China[J]. Academia, 2020 (18): 145-166.

Shen wenqin, Huang Ying & Fan Wei. Morality and Ability: Institutional leaders’ perceptions of ideal leadership in Chinese research universities. Studies in higher education, 2020,10.1080/03075079.2020.1823645

Yang, J., & Shen, W. (2020). Master’s Education in STEM Fields in China: Does Gender Matter?. Higher Education Policy, 1-22.

Liu, Y., & Shen, W. (2020). Perching birds or scattered streams: a study of how trust affects civic engagement among university students in contemporary China. Higher Education, 1-16.

Jiang, J., Mok, K. H., & Shen, W. (2020). Riding over the National and Global Disequilibria: International Learning and Academic Career Development of Chinese Ph. D. Returnees. Higher Education Policy, 1-24.

Shen Wenqin, Mao Dan & LIN Yaqiong. (Forcoming). Evaluation by numbers: Bibliometric evaluation of research works in universities and its impact on academic life in Anthony Welch and Jun Li edited. Measuring Up in Higher Education: How University League Tables and Rankings Are Re-shaping Knowledge Production in the Global Era.

Wang Xiaona & Shen Wenqin.Studying Abroad, Social Capital, and Sino-Swiss Scientific Research Collaboration: A Study of Chinese Scholars Studying in Switzerland.International Journal of Chinese Education 9 (2020) 219–242

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