Official Title: Senior Lecturer | Programme Coordinator for the Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

Faculty: 科學及環境研究所


Short Bio

Karen Araño Tagulao is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Science and Environment. She obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc degrees in Biology from the University of the Philippines. Her BSc thesis was conducted at the International Rice Research Institute on the population dynamics of weeds in lowland rice field. She then continued doing research as a University Research Associate in a joint project between the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, on the Genetic and Chemical Characterization of Agar Producing seaweed. Her M.Sc. thesis examined the Growth and Chemical Characteristics of the seaweed, Gracilaria. She was involved in both ecological/environmental and genetics research during her graduate studies. She was then granted a Ph.D. fellowship by the Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research in an integrated and sandwich scheme between the Radboud University and UNESCO-International Institute for Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering, the Netherlands, in cooperation with the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute.  Her Ph.D. dissertation is on the phylogeographic relationships of Indo-Pacific seagrasses, which mainly applied molecular genetic markers on seagrass populations from Asia to Africa.   She is currently teaching science related modules at USJ and at the same time actively involved in both scientific research and science promotion activities. Her most recent work dealt with the ecology of local mangroves and macroalgae. She also gives workshops to local schools about DNA technlogy and coordinates environmental education initiatives focused on wetlands, as part of the university's science promotion program. Her current research interest is focused on the role of mangroves in pollution remediation.   Publications and Conference Presentations Tagulao KA, EDR van Steveninck. Phenotypic plasticity in Enhalus acoroides: in vitro and in situ light response experiments. World Seagrass Conference and 13th International Seagrass Biology Workshop, June 11-17, 2018, National University of Singapore. Tagulao KA, Wong UM, Chan SK, Ivorra LG, Cardoso PG. Mangroves in Macao: their Role in Heavy Metals Remediation. The 7th International Symposium for Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control (WETPOL), August 21-25, 2017, Big Sky, Montana, USA. Ivorra L, Tagulao K, Chan SK, Cardoso PG, Cruzeiro. "Dicofol” levels in the mouth of the Pearl River Delta and its environmental implications. 22nd International Conference on Environmental Indicators, August 1-5, 2017, Helsinki, Finland. Tagulao KA, Chan SK.Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Seaweeds in Macao SAR, PRC.  International Seaweed Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2016. Tagulao KA. Enhalus acoroides, resilient or vulnerable? Research Progress in Biology, Ecology and Management. UNESCO-IHE, Delft, the Netherlands, August 2015  Tagulao KA. In Situ Transplantation Experiment: effects on survival, morphology and reproduction of Enhalus acoroides”.  International Seagrass Biology Workshop, Hainan, China, November 2014 Araño-Tagulao, K. , Chan S.K., Ang, P.O., Wong, S. and Kam, K. 2012. Macao's mangroves. University of St. Joseph, Macao. ISBN 978-99965-940-0-7. Tagulao, KA, Chan SK. Recent advances in the training of Macao Secondary School teachers and students in environmental and science education”(澳門中學老師的環境與科學教育的培訓及最近進展). Annual Cross - Straits Forum on Education for Sustainable Development"Conference at the Macau Fisherman's Wharf and Venetian, April 1st and April 2nd 2011 Tagulao, KA. Urbanity and Seagrasses. 2010. International Conference on The City and the Ocean: Urbanity, (Im)migration, Memory, and Imagination, Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences, NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Rollon, R.N. M.S. Samson, M.Y. Roleda, K.G. Araño, M.W.B. Vergara and W.Y. Licuanan. 2003. Estimating Biomass from the Cover of Gelidiella acerosa along the Coasts of Eastern Philippines. Botanica Marina. Araño K.G., G.C. Trono, Jr., N.E. Montano, R.D. Villanueva and A. Hurtado. 2000. Selection and development of Gracilaria cultivars for Philippine seaweed farms. Botanica Marina.    Reseach Projects  2015-2018. The Role of Mangroves on the Bioaccumulation and Citogenotoxic Effects of Heavy Metals and Pesticides on the Food Web of a Tropical Coastal System/紅樹林對亞熱帶海岸系統食物鏈金屬的富集和細胞基因毒牲的影響及殺蟲劑的角色. FDCT 117/2014/A3. Research Team: Chan Shek Kiu (PI), Karen Arano-Tagulao (co-PI), Nora Tam (Team Member), Eduardo Rocha (Team Member), Patricia Teixeira Cardoso (Consultant). More info. 2013-2014. Macau Biodiversity. Macao Foundation. Coordinators: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI), David Gonçalves. More info (external link).  2013-2015. Bringing Science to Schools in Macao: From Genes to Environment. FDCT 040/2013/P. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI). More info. 2010-2012. DNA Technology Workshops for Secondary School Students. FDCT 028/2010/P. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI), Mak A (team member). More info. 2010-2012. Inventory and assessment of the marine flora of Macau. FDCT 028/2010/A. Research Team: Karen Tagulao (PI), SK Chan (Co-PI),  PO Ang PO (Co-PI), S Wong (Research Assistant), K Kam (Research Assistant). More info.      



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