Official Title: Associate Professor | Head of the Department of Business Administration | Coordinator for Research

Faculty: 商學及法律學院


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Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Business Administration, Research Coordinator at the Faculty of Business and Law / University of Saint Joseph, Macau, SAR China. Founder of the Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences (LAN/USJ). PostDoctorate and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Leicester - UK. Visiting Associate Professor at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) - Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technologies (SIAT). PhD in Engineering Federal University of Ceará (2010). Director of Education of the APECOF - Forensics Computing Specialists Association in Brazil. COO at Centrovita Clinic (2015-2016) Academic Director at Aliança Executive Training Center (2014-2017). Associate Professor and Software Department Chief at University Gregorio Semedo (UGS), Angola (2016). Associate Professor at University Lusiada of Angola (2009-2015). Master in Artificial Intelligence UFC (2007). Electrical Engineering UFC (1996). Has large experience in Project Management, Artificial Intelligence, Bioengineering, and Applied Computer Science, focusing on signal processing. RESEARCH AREAS - Neuroscience applied to management (marketing, leadership, performance) - Business Analytics - Big Data Applications - Theory of Constraints - Project management (frameworks, approaches, risk analysis techniques) - Digital Signal Processing - Bioengineering / Computer-Aided Diagnostic Systems - Artificial Intelligence - Deep Learning - Nonlinear analysis and dynamic systems.


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